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Hye "Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha" to all Muslim.As i write this article i am alone in my house celebratingThe Haj Eid because my wife is currently working and sacrifice her time to work.All i can do is just accept and writing in this blog without having meals with all my family member.(sorry mama i can't be with you to celebrate this Hari Raya).

Sometime we have to sacrifice something to earn something else.We have to admit that without sacrificing anything in our lives we cant achieve something that we want.That is the meaning of Hari Raya Aidil Adha.Then why there were still people that only likes to gain without loose.They dont want to sacrifice anything but yet still want to gain something.For example like marriage.We will never get married if we cant sacrifice our precious time,sacrifice our money(except kene tangkap khalwat la...), and the important thing is to sacrifice our FREEDOM!!!So bare in mind that without "SACRIFICE" we will never gain anything.

Today i would like to share with all of the readers about social networking.There were many social networking now such as Friendster,Myspace,Facebook,Yuwie, and many more.As i woke up from sleep last 3 days e read 1 email about another social network called PeopleString.

Peoplestring is another social network that we can use as an element to promote our product and share about anything.Beside that we can earn money by using it services such as send email,chat and even playing games.Another one thing we will still get paid by accessing other services like facebook,myspace, or even our mails.The special thing is it is FREE.So come and join me in Peoplestring and earn money together.

What is Peoplestring and how we can earn :


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