-= WoKe uP AfTer HeaVy RaIn =-

Hm...it's hard for me to accept when The KOP havent got any win since last 8 games(DEM!!!) but yesterday The KOP finally got their first win and bring back 3 points from Goodison Park...Finally Liverpool FC woke up.!!!Yeay!!! See Benitez if you didn't put Carragher ang skrtel in the same game we can get3 points even the match was in opponent's place.

Even i didn't watch the match yesterday but when i see the line up i can see that we can bring back 3 points to anfield.A lot of people asking me Can Liverpool win this season title.For me if The KOP can win all the games without draw or lost maybe we can still be the top contender.But after this if The KOP can't continue their best for like yesterday so "BYE2 Primere League" same like Champions league.

So Liverpool please watch out for the next game.If we cant get the Champions League at least we still have chance to win the European Cup. (at least we have cup).As a biggest fan of The KOP hopefully we can get at least one cup for this season and i was hoping that Aquilani can play for more that 50 minutes and can form a good combination with Gerrard and Torres.


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