-= Bye2 2009 Hello 2010 =-

I don't know what to say time past by very fast.I have wote about my mission next year so i hope i can achieve it.So hopefully we will success in what ever we do.There is another 3 ++ hours left before we go into the new year and i have achieved one of my mission that is use domain for my blog.Hopefully i got support from all of the bloggers and readers.

Starting from January i will become one of the nuffnang active blogger(hope can be flavour of the month).Anyway thanks to Nuffnang for the gifts.In January i got a lot of invitation from Nuffnang including movie passes(haha...other blogger don't be jelous..).The activity that i will attend in January :

- Nuffnang Astro B-Yond
- Nuffnang screening of Paranormal Activity
- Nuffnang Digi Internet Pimp My Internet
- Churp Churp Legion screening
- Nuffnang Samsung Corby Carnivl

Hope I can win the price both of the contest organized by Nuffnang.Big prizes u know!!!ahaha!!!So pray for me guys!!!


-= Web DirEcToRy =-

Owh.My traffic is very low.Do you know that traffic is very important for us as a blogger or mayber website owner.If the traffic to our website is high so there will be a huge opportunity for us to monetize our product.For me i am learning how to make my site become popular.

One of the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) marketing that can make your site popular is go and submit you URL in the Web Directories beside joining any community to promote your URL.So as usual there were many web directories that we can use either free or we have to pay for the service.But for beginners or "newbie" like me i will try or should i say use the free service.

Maybe some of you will ask why should we use this service.It's simple.When we submit our URL links to this web directory they will promote our site to other reader or visitor.They also will send our link to the search engine.That's why it was call search engine optimization technique.The our URL will be found in the search engine depends on how strong your keyword.

There are many example of web directories that we can use such as www.dmoz.com Pegasusdirectory.com, www.zoomdir.com and many more.Or maybe the easy one is http://dir.yahoo.com .With this SEO gadget we can boost our site traffics.

Jasmine Directory is one of the web directory website that can be used by us.The concept is same.Just submit your URL to their directories.For example i will submit Tourism Malaysia website to this directories.Actually Tourism Malaysia is one of Malaysia Agency website where people outsite can know about Malaysia.This website is usefull for the tourist because they can explore many things about Malaysia.They can check beautiful pictures,destination and also the travel agency available in Malaysia.

with Tourism Malaysia website also tourist can get map os the places in Malaysia so they will not lost when they are in Malaysia.If they want to know the events that will happen in Malaysia they also can sheck it in the website.Beside knowing the places tourist can use this website to search the place that they can stay when they reach Malaysia.So dear tourist hope this website is usefull to all of you when you want to visit our country Malaysia.


-= SoRRy - MyStar A=-

Morning earthlink...(wow sounds like alien right...).Maybe all of you will think why i write the post title like that.Actually i want to appologize for not writing anything yesterday.I was too bz anf today as a punishment i will write as many entry to cover back.

Actually on Tuesday i went for a ceremony that held in Seksyen 8 Kota Damansara.For your information i was one of Mystar - A agents but i am not active.ahah...But Tuesday morning i received a threaten SMS from my leader.It sound like this :

 " Hafiz if you dind.t show your face tonight the i will never give you commission on the project with Koperasi Wanita."

So after reading that SMS i felt guilty and then go to support my leader (after she called me for the 6 times i think.ahaha..yeah i am cruel!!!).The program was called "MAJLIS ANUGERAH PELAJAR CEMERLANG UPSR 2009".This award was giver to the student that got 5a's,4a's and 3a's in their UPSR.Don't forget that all the students use Mystar - A for their study.I think more than half of the student get flying colors result.

(This is one of the product)

The ceremony was launched by Dato' Bushro Bin Mat Johor (ADUN in Kota Damansara).

(Dato' Bushro)


(The crowds)

Maybe some of you don't know what is Mystar A.It is actually a portal that can be use by students from standard 1 to form 5 for their studies.One portal can be used by whole family.So if you want your kids smarter like me!!!(off course la i am clever even i didn't use this portal...ahaha).Just try this product.For more info you can go to Puncakmas Marketing.The resut of the programs in all the Kota Damansara Schools :

(all the UPSR students that got flying colors in ther UPSR)

The most important is the FOOD!!!It was prepared by Ani Sup Utara...wow!!Delicious...

(The food- ANI SUP UTARA)

Anybody that interested to use the portal just PM(private message me not Prime Minister OK!!!) or FB me or maybe Tweet me...

-= Let's Form A Team =-

Wow!!!Have you seen something will happened in January for Nuffnang Blogger???I check my account just now and there is something specials about January.You know Digi will be organizing one big events called "Digi Internet Pimp My Day" especially for Nuffnang Bloggers.

What we have to do is just for a group of 4 people.Each team will be required to bring along the following items in order to complete their tasks :

- Laptop
- Camera (Video compatible)
- 3G Phone
- Cables (to transfer files)

Isn't it easy???The event will take place on :

Date: 9th January, 2009
Time: 4pm till late (there will be a night ‘partyyyyy’ as well)
Venue : Mardi Gras @ 1 Utama

And the best part is the prizes guys!!! :

1st prize – Personalized laptop + Speaker + Modem + Headphones
2nd prize – Router + External hard drive + Headphones + Modem
3rd prize – Modem + External hard drive

Nuffnang only need 20 teams to take part for this event.So i want to form a group and go for this event.So who wants to join my group plese drop your full name,email address, the craziest pic (for me to edit) and blog's URL inside this post comments. 


p/s :

- please submit your details before 30th of december in order for me to do the work with nuffnang. 
- This post is sticky post.All updated post will be position below this post 

-= RemInDer For "FaCeBooK"er =-

(See the video and you'll know)

Morning to all reader and blogger that blogwalking(haha including me...i like blogwalking).Are you faceboob addict???This is one of the applivation that provided in the Facebook.So just go and check your addiction.Have you watch the video???So what do you think???I don't know either we have to believe this video or not.Believe it or not it is just depends on our selves.I also didn't force all of the "facebook"ers to stop updating their status.But just beware!!!

As we know FB is like a phenomena strikes heavily in our life.We chat,communicate and also play games using Facebook.But did we know what actually the main purpose of FB.Nope???So watch the video(if you can't understand English just hire an English teacher...haha).

I am also one of the FB user but my addiction level is just so..so...hehe.I just update my pic and status(but last time quite addicted to games...that's y i seldom open my FB.).Actually we didn't realize that it save when we online using FB but at the meantime they indecent our privacy when we are online(eventhough we got password...isn't it weird).We didn't realize it because it was happened behind the code(or maybe we are too eager playing games or maybe entertaining chicks...ooops!!!). 

And do you know where all of your database will be store.Guess what!!!in CIA database center(am i one of the celebrity or what???haha).For What???They keep our data to do research about human kind and culture for FREE(without FB  they have to invest millions of dollars).How???By using the games and also the quiz application they do their research.So How to prevent this thing???Just do one simple thing just do one simple thing.Don't put the real particular in your profile such as names,phone number, and etc(for me i just put bean moreno that is my pal name so that they can't trace me.am i smart enough haha!!!).

I am not asking you to stop "FB"ing (or else FB will sue me!!!haha).I just ask you to be aware with the situation.Don't let someone indecent our privacy easily without we realize it was happen.

(have you seen something like this before!!!)

p/s :
- For me,i just using facebook as a marketing method to promote my weblog and also chat.
- I have stop playing games for 2 month already because of this things.
- I am addicted to twitter now since it can bring money to me...
- Credit to Fahmishah.com for the info but i didn't copy the sentences OK!!!just the video...
- To FB really sorry for this...hahaha

-= GooD NeWs!!! =-

Hm...After rain there will be a sunshine.So lets talk about the good news...After this all my readers all dearest bloggers can access my blog using my own domain.My new domain is :

The brand new weblog will starts tomorrow and please change my link in your blog to the above link.Maybe some of you will keep on thinking why i change from blogspot to my own domain.Off course because i want to be serious in blogging.I want to move towards a professional blogger and earn money not only from nuffnang ads but also links advertising.

I hope my dearest blogger friend can change my link inside all of your blogs to support my new blog.I need traffics in my new blog.So that's why i have to concerntrate to the new URL.

-= Edit Your Blog Template =-

It's me again writing something that can benefit us as a blogger.But today i was asked to review about how to change blog's templates.As we know there are many blog's platform that we can use to create our own blog and it is FREE.For me the famous and well known blog platform or server were like Blogspot,Typad,and also Wordpress.The most common platform use by Malaysian is Blogspot becuase it is very user friendly and it was one of the Google elements in SEO.

There were many techniques that we must know before we can run our own blog.The main thing is we need to know what is our expectation to our blog.Is it because we just want to write or we want to earn money.For me i choose both.because in my blog i write about my personal life and activities and also some internet marketing to earn money.

After we have register the blog in any platform it is very important to us to decorate the blog so that it will attract people to come.Off course the main important thing is our writing but blog decoration and templates also play the important role in driving traffic.It was like decorating a house.If our house was dull so people will not come to visit us.

As we know most of the platform use CSS as their coding and it was very easy for us to install it to the platform.Just copy the code and paste it to the HTML setting to change the templates.The other coding is XHTML this coding style were used by a professional blogger that understand HTML coding.Normally if we want to use this coding we must know how to adjust it.Typad is one of the platform that use this coding style.

If you want to decorate your blog then you can use the websites such as pyzam.com, Blogtemplates.com, and many more.For example you can go to other blog that i think got a unique decoration of templates such as CYdot Stories, Farenova, and also Sweet Vanila.Before that please remember that choose your template carefully because some templates will load your blog slowly.For more tips about templates come and read Edit your blog templates.

p/s :
Click this link to know about Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

-= MoNdaY oWh MoNdaY!!! =-

Sunday...and then comes Monday!!!ahaha i am still in the weekend mood...Too lazy to be diligent...even i know i was paid by boss to do work but for me please not in Monday boss...I will still do it but maybe not in a proper manner...What da!!!"Monday Mood" you're killing me!!!

Today got nothing to actually.I am still waiting a cash check from the boss.got 2 cash check that i supposed to receive today.The first one is my payday check.What!!!Today is my payday(chewahh!! still want to act like never being paid...haha).So can shopping with my wife(but the sad news is my wife will work in the night shift today...alone again...).The 2nd check is the amount to buy IT thing from the supplier(so i can go finish up my monday morning by window shopping today...)

 Can't wait my first job for my company.This morning i had my breakfast with my consultant and discuss about "Illussion Master".So have to prepare something before i can proceed with the shop.I will make sure that this company will shine and bring prosperous to me.Because i have targerted 2010 is the year for me to settle all the debts (or maybe buy a new house...wowo!!!).

Because i have no task for today (actually just waiting for the check) so i decided to repair my friends laptop.so that's mean while i am writing this post i am repairing the laptop (wow am i robotic or multitasking enough!!!).In the same time also i am updating my Facebook status (and not forget my tweets.i like tweeting nowdays and having fun using tweetdeck...aha).

(this laptop is in reformat mode...the screen also terrible but nothing that surprise me because it is HP)

(Due to the laptop screen problem so luckily i have another monitor to project it..Damn parts)

Hm in this week i have found many opportunity for us to earn money online.Should i share with all of you (hehe try to be a bit stingy).No la..Actually i am not that type of person.I will share but it depends on you either to follow or not.It's not me that make the decision.I only can decide for my self (if i can earn it's my money because ut's my effort).So if you want money just do it.I just can share the knowledge but money go and seek it by your own self.

I heard somebody is calling my name (maybe HR calling for my check...Yeay!!!).Hope so.or maybe call for technical help(Dem got to work again in Monday mood...) .So long guys...wait for my next entry ok!!!

p/s :
- So anybody got computer problem or want to buy computer...don't hesitate to call me ok!!!Remember the motto :

"Blogger Help Blogger!!!"

- So to make the "Monday Mood" go away i listen to this song to get the spirit of working man!!! :

- still thinking what is 21 guns!!!Nice song (off course la got chick voice inside) nice lyric especially this lyric :

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?

Full Lyric : here 
21 Guns - Greenday feat American Idiot Cast - click here to download

-= HuH!!!Good News & BaD News =-

Hye in our life we have to accept that sometimes we will received good news and also bad news...For me it's normal as a human being.hm...Do you want to know the good news or bad news guys!!!

Ok i will tell you the bad news first...Don't cry ha!!!hope you can accept it as i have to...really sad and don't try to jump from the higher level of your appartment ok...Ok for your information i have to stop this blog http://suterablogger.blogspot.com(am i tired already...nope!!!).I have been using this blog since last year december and i have to stop it due to some reason.

i know maybe some of you will feel happy with my decision...I know that this blog is not as famous as certain of your blogs...huhu...so sad right!!!but at least i learn a lot in suterablogger.All the sadness and happiness,all the friendship,all the moneyand all the knowledge i will
implement into way of suterablogger.Once i am a blogger i will be a blogger till the end.
Just Remember this quotes :
"Blogger Help Blogger(no matter in what situation!!!)"

So to all my followers,readers,and fellow bloggers thanx for the knowledge and friendship...We will meet again in maybe some "New" Environment ok!!!Hope This new year will bring a lot of prosper to us!!!So jgn Nakal2 ok!!!huhuhu...CHIoW!!

p/s :
- this is sticky notes OK!!!

-= Blog Advertising =-

Hye again...Do you still remenber i have shared with all of you about one of the way to monetize your blog by using blog advertising method.Yesterday while i was serching for a method to make money online i found another type of blog advertising product that we can use to earn money.

This system called Blogadvertisingstore.This service is very easy to use.Just register as a member (off course it is free..).Don't worry about the cost.After register you just get the code and then paste it in your blog HTML code.With the code you are qualified to take one of the its opportunity.
To know more just visit Blogadvertising blog.

What we have to do is just write about the opportunity then send the link to them for review.Most of the offer was $10 above and the time of submition is 6 hours after reserving the opportunity.So is that so easy for us to earn money.The best thing is our nuffnang status is still Gliteratti and we still can earn money using our Nuffnang.

Just remember to be a good blogger we must have a good traffic for our blog.So by using this system we will not only earn money from the articles but they also will lead traffics to our blog.It is not included the traffics from search engine.So if you want to have great traffics and then learn about SEO(search Engine Optimization) try this and you will see the different.If we Malaysian we will get traffics from other country.It was one of the tactics and SEO (search engine optimization) style.

"May this system benefit us and our blog"

Remember :

"Blogger help blogger to become a great blogger"

Click the banner to register.It is FREE!!!

Advertise on blogs

-= Camera And Techniques =-

Hye bloggers and readers today i would like to review camera and the of techniques.We can see today a lot camera models in the market such as Nikon D90,D3000 and maybe D5000.We might know about the model but do we know about their function.We have to know about camera function and the techniques to use the camera.If not we are like the rats try to fix the pumpkin.

There are many important techniques that we need to know before we can call us a photographer such as lighting technique,lens technique,shadow technique,shuttle technique,image focusing technique and many more technique that i haven't mention here.All of the techniques are the thing that we need to know because the technique may lead us to get a great view to shoot a picture nicely.

Instead of that we need to know what type of lens that we want to use for our job.Different lens will give us different view and different result to the picture.Many of the professional photographers studied about this to get a better work done.There are three groups of lens that we have to know before we can start photography.The first one is "Wideangle Lenses" (<50mm) for sweeping panoramas and other outdoor scenes, group shots and generally anything requiring strong perspective.The second group is "Medium Telephoto Lenses" (85-135mm) for portraits.And the last group is "Long Telephoto Lenses" (>135mm) and it is use for sports, nature or other types of documentary style photography that requires you to be close to the action but cannot be close physically be it dangerous or timid.

So that's all the knpwledge that i can tell you about camera and the technique.For more information you can go to the camera model and similar techniques article.Let's learn and be more professional on photograhpy anyway "Sharing is Caring".

To read about fashion and female social life just click at the link and review the article.

-= We are AloNg!!! =-

haha...funny i think...this video is actully old video.i watch it if i am not mistaken in 2006
(i still studying in politek...).I can sing this song without refering to the lyric.hahaha...If you still can remember this song it was taken from a slot in AHHA series(i like to watch these two idiot joker...)

"Kami Along....Along bukit beruntung!!!"

p/s :
- still love to see Aflin and Din bebaroi(say Eric Leong...actually it was Beramboi) jokes.Rough jokes but still can make us laugh not like certain comedians that only make joke for their selves(syok sendiri lor...!!!)...

-= Y.E.S (YeaR EnD StoRy) =-

Haha 2009 is nearly to an end...In the same date last year i have put some goals that i must achieve in this year.Some of the goals achieved already la...but as usual there are some of them that still have to replan.These are the goals last year :

1) Maintain my blog - Suterablogger  -> achieved(done)
2) Buy a bigger car - Gen 2 -> achieved(done)
3) Help running fam Biz - Gold Earth (gets many tender from college) -> achieved(done)
3) Form a company - Illussion Master -> achieved(done)
4) Get married - almost 6 month -> achieved(done)
5) Be Nuffnang active blogger - attend many events -> achieved(done)

5) Collect "duit Syiling" until RM1K - can i..silly goals -> still collecting(now RM500 omething)
6) Do well in int mkt - yes tried many things -> collect nuffnang first check after 7 month
7) Buy NIKON D90 - owh no... -> hm...when can i own this... 

Hm...that's mean i have achieved most of my goals...so it's time for me to carry on the goals and add another goals...so for next year 2010 i put these goals to my list :

1) Buy DSLR NIKON D90 Camera - can't wait

2) Grow the business - wait for Illussion Master to expand 

3) Settle all debts - owh yea!!!wait ha!!!along2 semua...

2) Produce baby - not the big one small baby...ahaha

3) Buy a domain for suterablogger - maybe change to beanmoreno.com or suterablogger.com
(which one is better???give me suggestion)
4) Change car color - maybe to red or black (wow!!!very taksub with the color)
5) Go Holiday aka honeymoon - wow late already ma!!!

that's all hope i can achieved all of these goals...maybe it sound silly but what should i care.it's mine not yours!!!

p/s :

- credit to goolge for all the pic
- pray for me!!!

-= TwIttEr LiNk =-

Morning...Nice to have it blogging again...I am still in fever mode...Still got sore throat...But still have passion to write this blog(actually for money...huhu...& have to)..I still don't have any activities to write(except my kitchen was corked yesterday...do you want to know???hahah)..So i decided to write about internet marketing and some of the method that we can use in social networking.So what else lol...Sharing is caring ma!!!If you care about somebody just share don't blame ok!!!Oooops!!!

Ok in twitter we normally write about product,share what we are doing, and also share links with our followers(i do it everyday)...So yesterday i keep on thinking some of my follower posted short link in their tweets.So i am very curious to know how to do that.So what else i do "Googling" lor!!!

Then I found this :

With this thing(maybe it look like rubbish...ahaha) we can shorten our link that we want to post in our tweets simple as that just put your link in the box For example we put suterablogger.blogspot.com:

Then we will get result like this :

After that just copy and paste the shorten links to your tweets...Isn't it easy???ahaha...so let's use this..So it is depends on you either you want to use it or not..I am just sharing and i am not "otai" that can influence you to follow what ever i do.ahaha...Sorry otai!!!So let the technology benefits your usage of internet!!!

p/s : 
- don't forget to tweet me @bean_suterablog...
- Remember sharing is caring ma!!! 
- One thing that people like is ...The service is FREE...

-= ChUrp ChUrP =-

Haha...Its time for me to share something about making money online...Firstly i want to apologize for the crazy idea that i have suggested in the last two days.So past is past lets move on to the next chapter.Life must go on.So that the "Otai" will respect us as a newbie...(haha..if i have blogging since 2006 is it consider as OTAI!!!)...Ok2 stop2..

What i wanna share is about advertisement.For "newbie" blogger the thing that we know about advertising is blog advertising such as adsence(i have use it but...),nuffnang(now using and earning with it),or maybe payperpost(also using it as a tool for earning).But we forgot about one thing or another method of advertisement.That is social networking advertisement.

Blogger and twitter is actually same.Nowdays blogger also is a twitter(me as an example).So have you ever heard about churp churp...It is an advertisement company that works on Twitter.So we can have fun tweeting and also earn money with the system.So let take advantage with it.Maybe we will not earn a lot but we still have something to do.So maybe we will know about something new.

Just try this.so far i have earn some money diong this just tweet n earn.But Remember for muslim please reject the offer that related to alcohol or non-halal product.It is HARAM!!!So before thingking to do something that can make the OTAI mad(haha) so better we change it and try to figure out something that can benefit us.Make your tweets benefit you ok!!!

-= SehAti BErDanSa =-

I know there are many of us that like to watch "Sehati Berdansa".WoW!!!did i said "Sehati Berdansa".Am i evolving to something.huhu...This all because of my mom.So she should be blame for this immoral activity.

As we know that the last couple that still carry on the challenge are Sazzy her hubby , and Sein with his wife.But for me even i didn't watch the final i still can know which couple will win(do i have magic power???).For me definitely Sazzy and her hubby will win the competition.

If the other couple that goes to final is Isma couple maybe it is hard to pick the winner because Isma & her hubby also has a good reputation in "Sehati Berdansa" and maybe her hubby is a bit over excited...(haha...)..So just wait & see who will be the next "sehati Berdansa" winner.

Vote for Sein


Vote for Sazzy

p/s :
- credit to Murai.com.my for the pic
- I just watch but sorry no vote from me!!!

-= NuR KasIh FeVer =-

wow...after i finished writing this post maybe some people will laugh at me...Why???because i am one of the MALE that love to watch Nur Kasih...wakaka...so wierd you know...When the time it was played in TV the only person that watch this series was my wife...I am not interested at all.!!!but don't know y suddenly after i watch one of the episode(played back in TV3) i feel like i must download this movie.Wah!!! very touching2 you know...huhuh...

 I still don't know why i like to watch this song.Is it because Tiz Zakiah(very lovely right!!!),or maybe because Ayu Raudah or because of the story...hehe...So hopefully can finish downloading this series as soon as possible.

to download this theme song click here
To anybody that addcited to this series like me Go here to download...it's free!!!

-= WhAT Do Ya WaNt FrOm Me!!! =-

Am i out of my mind.actually i am not Lambert fans you know.I am more to Kris Allen but dont know why this song attracted me.Nice music nice lyric.You know what???we not only can sing this song to our "x" maybe we also can sing this song our boss...ahaha(are you crazy...!!!)

"Just don't give up
I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in
I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around
Hey, whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

Adam Lambert - What do ya want from me Lyric
Click here to download this song

Nice voice.Today itself i have listened to this song 6 times.ahaha.But don't judge me wrong ok.It's not because i like Adam Lambert song i am gay or "Shemale" ok!!!Just love his voice...For me in this song Adam Lambert got a quite high tone compared to Kris Allen (sorry kris).

-= FigHtiNg The FeVEr =-

Hye all bloggers and readers.Actually i am not feeling well since yesterday that's why all of you haven't see any new entry from me.I don't know why suddenly i vomit.If it is because my wife is pregnant it's fine with me.But just want to share with all of you about something mystery that happened to my family lately.

What do you think about black magic???Is it real or just a creation...For me it was real it is not because i was influenced by "SANTAU" movie or what.but as a Muslim i must believe in this paranormal thing...ahaha...Maybe as a malay we call it santau,indian will say mandrem and maybe outsite malaysia they called it voodoo...

Last week my mother and sister were attacked by the black magic.suddenly they felt that something prick her head with needle.wow!!!how dare you done that to my mom!!!I don't know why people like to use this kind of thing to make other people sick...If they didn't satisfied with my mom or sister just meet and touch them (i know how to deal with you!!!ahaha).For me people who use this kind of thins to attack people is just a coward person.DEM!!!

If i know how to trace this stupid method then you'll know how i smack your head!!!So to whom that like to mess with people and send something that i think is not relevant please take back your stupid things and stop interrupt my family!!!And please put inside your head that you're coward!!!even i know and suspect some people but it's not within my power to punish you and i'll leave it to ALLAH so please stop doing it before i am out of my mind and blow your head off!!!

p/s :
- i know that the one that done this always read my blog!!!So please stop!!!before i am going crazy and to something that you dislike OK!!!
- To all Readers and Blogger hope all of you can pray for my family...TQ

-= WhaT Da ...!!! =-

Alhamduliilah...i was shocked till now..WHY!!!This morning while i blog walking i saw one entry that maybe related to me.It's is about Samsung Corby Carnival.Wah!!!Hsi face inside the corby gallery...I am not satisfied with that because acyually i am the first person who sent the entry...So i went and check the gallery...And amazingly look what i found :

(hehe...just guess who inside the picture)

It's me...You dont believe it!!!See this:

(now do you believe it)

So wish me luck for the carnival.Hope can bring back the phone...Thanks CORBY and Nuffnang!!!

-= IgNorance - Paramore=-

 Ignorance - paramore

"Well, you treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

You treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend"

For Lyric : click here

To download song click here

Yeay!!!At last i found the official video clip for this song.I really like this song..."Ignorance - Paramore".I've been looking for this song clips for a long time.I am really into their music.Creative and funky.And I think this song can be considered as their best song.Not too straight forward and got messege inside.

-= NuffNaNg MoVies =-

(AVATAR movie poster)

Hm on last 17th i went to watch movies with my wife because i got an invitation from nuffnang for premiere screening of AVATAR.The premiere screening was at TGV One Utama.I know it was not very nice to watch movie on Awal Muharam but actually for me if i know and done what should i done as a Muslim it should be a problem ( i think la...so if i am wrong please correct me).The situation is just the like like if we played futsal at the same time (i know many people go to play futsal at that time) so please don't feel like i do something that will cause sin because before i watch the movie i do my prayer(see you make me RIAK already DEM!!!)...

Ok let begins the movie thing.I reach One Utama quite early and i went for window shopping first because my wife has something to buy on her payday.On 8.45 i qued up to collect the tickect(each blogger received pairs of tickets).Beside the tickets i also received one nuffnang badge.

(pairs of ticket and also badge)

Actually this movie was really futuristic it combines CGI and also real world but most of the scne was CGI.nice graphic and nice story line.Very romantic...The movie is about a group of human was send to a planet called Pandora to negotiate with the na' vi(creature) to get their source that can make human rich.To negotiate they send one person called Jake(Navi that subtitute his twin brother) to negotiate and he met and his heart melt down with the Na'vi leader's daughter.So the adventure begins...

In the movie Jake or the Na'vi called him Jakesully learn how to be one of the Na'vi.Learn how to be a hunter,flyer and also to be a great soldier.Until he was asked to forced the Na'vi to move from their holy place and Jake refuse to do that because the human soldier wants to destroy that place for their own sake.And finally Jakesully become....Owh no !!!So if you want to know more about AVATAR just go to nearest cinema OK!!!

This story teach us how to respect people right.How to love people and also how to appreciate nature.We can see if we respect the nature or law of nature the same thing will come back to us.Because all the living thing were God creation and we must respect their life.Same as in our relationship with human.If you want people to respect us just respect them first.The best part in this movie that i like is when Jake try to be "turok macto" or flying warrior.at the time Jake become Turok Macto all the Na'vi that hate him respect him.

So don't forget to watch this movie because it was very entertaining.Out of 5 i give 4 for the sotry line and 4.5 for the graphic.One more time thanks to Nuffnang for the Tickets...

-OuR MalaYan TiGers RoAr AgAin =-

Haha i think still not too late to congrats our national football team for their winning in Laos.Once again you rocks man!!!Good play by the team and they had end up our waiting for the cup(20 years waiting like crazy man!!!).Good play also by the twins (even only one of them played).So right now we know that they're not only good on tackling balls they're also good on tackling celebrities...ahaha(just joking guys).

So hopefully after the winning we still can be a good team and play like this in every important event like world cup maybe another 4 year(Yeay Malaysia Boleh!!!).

-= Illussion Master =-

Actually wrong spelling for the Illusion but for it's ok.No problem at all!!!Yesterday i went to SSM(Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to register one company...WHOSE company is it!!!It was mine...
This is my first time doing this.I went there alone but actually my father was there too for his company registration (Family Business).

(wah!!look at the amoi...good pose!!!)

I arrived there at 2.05pm and then begin there registration.it takes around half and hour to complete the registration and payment.

(This is one of the bunting infront of SSM for the payment...sorry pic not so nice...not nikon lor)

And the most important is this bunting :

(2nd bunting infront of SSM)

You read carefully the last words of the banner.But!!!

( Those two inside the box is the agents)

We have to pay RM70 if we do it by ourselves but if we use their service we have to pay RM150 or maybe more.Why we have to waste our money for the thing that we can do and itr is not that damn hard OK!!!So after registered and wait for one hour for the cert, i got this!!!

(My number and also my cert of SSM)

Under :

(Illussion Master-maybe some of you will laugh at my spelling but what should i care it's my company!!!haha)


 So that's all.It is my first step for my company and the next step is to find my first shop and i think i have found it.and then i should prepare proposal for applying the SMIDEC.Hopefully Awal Muharam will bring prosperous to me!!!

-= MorNing!!!HappY AwaL MuHamRRam =-

Sorry for not updating my blog yesterday.I was very busy so i cant make it..So to all my silent readers and also followers hope you can visit my blog even i didn't update it(also don't forget to click my nuff ok!!!).For whom that click my nuff please tell me by typing @ the chatbox ok...I will visit your blog and for bonus i will click you nuff and ads too...Today maybe i will write a lot of entry to cover back the lost of yesterday...So again HAppy Awal Muharram to all the muslim...

p/s :

- Remember awal Muharram starts from yesterday maghrib and ends at todays maghrib.don't just give advice to people but we don't know the actual time of it and just want to condem other peoples activity without knowing they have don within the time.!!!

- Act like a muslim don't just celebrate the day but we still didn't change!!!

-= NeW EleMeNtS FoR SuTeRaBloGGer

Yeay!!!Today "Suterablogger" is exactly 1 year!!!Time past by so fast you know...Actually for me it's normal as a blogger.before i write this blog i've already got another one but it only last for 4 month.
Have you ever heard about Linkwithin.I have been looking for this widget for quite long time.(even i have blogging for a long time-1 year but this have to discover right.so learn)

This morning after blog walking to other blogs so i discover how to do this easy installation to my blog.huhu(how pity i am).Last time i can only see from other blog but didn't try.I always wanted my blog to be like this :

from livesaver's blog

or maybe like this :

from farenova's blog

And finally i got this in my blog...yeeehaaa!!!! :

To both blog owners sorry to take the photo of your blog...haha...for credit i put your blog's link inside this entry(hopefully you allow it).This widget is very useful to any blog...WHY!!!ok it can dirve traffic easily to your blog.This widget also will make visitor stay long to read the articles if it was linked each other.So if the visitor stay long that's mean you will got a unique visitor.

So dear blogger why not try this widget if it can benefit our blogs.It's free and was very easy to instal...

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