-=Y.E.S =-

Hye...It's me again writing in this "junk" blog(is it???lalala...) Nothing that i can tell about my life.Stop for a moment to write bout internet marketing and just writing about what happened past day of my life.Maybe none of your guys want to know but it my blog man!!!ahaha.

Wife : darling can i buy pairs of new shoes...
Husband : Y.E.S

Wife : Darling can we buy new cloth...
Husband : Y.E.S
Wife : Honey...can or not...we go shopping...
Husband : Y.E.S
Wife : Owh...Year End Sale...

When we talk about sale...Off course the first impression by women is WOW!!!Even if they had plan to watch their favorite movie but when it comes to go shopping and spending out money just leave to them.ahaha just joking...

Yesterday i went for shopping with my lovely wifey...Actually i just want to keep my promise to her.Because last time i promised her to buy a new handbag...So we went to Jusco and survey the handbag there.

(where is my victim to buy!!!Why is that sales girl very happy!!!)

(not this one...looks like mama2 or datin2...owh no!!!)

(Yeah!!!at Last...Here you are!!!Got it...Abang!!!i want this one....please....)

So after about 2 hours spending time in jusco the result is:

(Alain Delon Handbag!!!What did i bought this handbag owh no!!!)

The most important thing is i was also trapped in this immoral activity (shopping) and i bought this :

(the handbag was not mine OK!!)

If not because of Y.E.S i will never thinking about wearing this kind of cloth.I rather buy an uptown shirt than wasting my money putting all this expensive shirts on me...hahaha just joking...That's why it is hard for me to flirt with girls ma ahaha...Another one thing i didn't notice that Pepsi also produced any apparels just after shopping yesterday i knew that got Pepsi shirt (look how "kampung" i am)...Finally after shopping we go to our favorite place to have some drinks:

(Look how happy she was after shopping!!!)It's normal for all women...

p/s :
- To all husband beware of this
Y.E.S sickness.If your wifey got all these symptom like do everything you ask them to do without arguing(accept polygamy), Always put their smile(even though they were in tense),Like to watch TV Commercials...Better bring them to the nearest Shopping Mall or maybe your mother's house...ahaha


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