-= A sOng For PerSon Who hAven't gOt a CouPle =-

Hehe...The titile of the entry is not for me actually...WHY!!!because i am married already...ahaha...
Actually this morning when i was driving my car heading to my office i tuned in to Era.fm and it was "Pagi Era" slot with Pak Nil & the most crazy commedian Din Beramboi...An in the slot they were handling an audition for Tom Tom Bak tv series.They audition all the kids on air and ask them to sing.So many parent called in and ask their children to sing.I was attracted into one of the kids participate and he was singing Wali Band song called Cari Jodoh.Wow!!!I only heard this song once.After listening to the kid voice so i decied to google the lyric.The chorus was actually like this :

"Ibu-ibu bapak-bapak
Siapa yang punya anak
Bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Siapa yang mau bantu
Tolong aku kasihani aku
Tolong carikan diriku kekasih hatiku
Siapa yang mau

Wali Band - Cari Jodoh lyric
To download this song click here

quite funny but interesting song...ahaha...I don't know either this song is the latest song or not but it's already available in RedBox haha...So after this i will try this song...For all of you just listen and feel this song maybe can motivate you to find a BF/GF ahaha!!!Done with it!!!

- For Wahab Mansor if you don't want to admit about your engagement so better you sing this song or i will go to batu pahat and sing this song to you...ahaha


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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