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Hm on last 17th i went to watch movies with my wife because i got an invitation from nuffnang for premiere screening of AVATAR.The premiere screening was at TGV One Utama.I know it was not very nice to watch movie on Awal Muharam but actually for me if i know and done what should i done as a Muslim it should be a problem ( i think la...so if i am wrong please correct me).The situation is just the like like if we played futsal at the same time (i know many people go to play futsal at that time) so please don't feel like i do something that will cause sin because before i watch the movie i do my prayer(see you make me RIAK already DEM!!!)...

Ok let begins the movie thing.I reach One Utama quite early and i went for window shopping first because my wife has something to buy on her payday.On 8.45 i qued up to collect the tickect(each blogger received pairs of tickets).Beside the tickets i also received one nuffnang badge.

(pairs of ticket and also badge)

Actually this movie was really futuristic it combines CGI and also real world but most of the scne was CGI.nice graphic and nice story line.Very romantic...The movie is about a group of human was send to a planet called Pandora to negotiate with the na' vi(creature) to get their source that can make human rich.To negotiate they send one person called Jake(Navi that subtitute his twin brother) to negotiate and he met and his heart melt down with the Na'vi leader's daughter.So the adventure begins...

In the movie Jake or the Na'vi called him Jakesully learn how to be one of the Na'vi.Learn how to be a hunter,flyer and also to be a great soldier.Until he was asked to forced the Na'vi to move from their holy place and Jake refuse to do that because the human soldier wants to destroy that place for their own sake.And finally Jakesully become....Owh no !!!So if you want to know more about AVATAR just go to nearest cinema OK!!!

This story teach us how to respect people right.How to love people and also how to appreciate nature.We can see if we respect the nature or law of nature the same thing will come back to us.Because all the living thing were God creation and we must respect their life.Same as in our relationship with human.If you want people to respect us just respect them first.The best part in this movie that i like is when Jake try to be "turok macto" or flying warrior.at the time Jake become Turok Macto all the Na'vi that hate him respect him.

So don't forget to watch this movie because it was very entertaining.Out of 5 i give 4 for the sotry line and 4.5 for the graphic.One more time thanks to Nuffnang for the Tickets...


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