-= Bye2 2009 Hello 2010 =-

I don't know what to say time past by very fast.I have wote about my mission next year so i hope i can achieve it.So hopefully we will success in what ever we do.There is another 3 ++ hours left before we go into the new year and i have achieved one of my mission that is use domain for my blog.Hopefully i got support from all of the bloggers and readers.

Starting from January i will become one of the nuffnang active blogger(hope can be flavour of the month).Anyway thanks to Nuffnang for the gifts.In January i got a lot of invitation from Nuffnang including movie passes(haha...other blogger don't be jelous..).The activity that i will attend in January :

- Nuffnang Astro B-Yond
- Nuffnang screening of Paranormal Activity
- Nuffnang Digi Internet Pimp My Internet
- Churp Churp Legion screening
- Nuffnang Samsung Corby Carnivl

Hope I can win the price both of the contest organized by Nuffnang.Big prizes u know!!!ahaha!!!So pray for me guys!!!


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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