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"Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone"

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Hye morning to all of you...On my way to office this morning i heard one nice song from hitz.fm so i decided to google about this song because for me the song was preety good(not priey zinta ok...) and motivate me this morning.Maybe some of you have heard this song but i don't i care...(or should i care...hahaha).The song was from a band that for me still under-aged band called "BunkFace" titled "Through My Window".

(Bunkface.Sam girlfriend is very cute "Juliana Evans" maybe Johnny Evans sister...ahaha )

Actually i heard this song for the first time when i went to watch 2012 movies in one of the TM commercial.It is quite a cute commercial for me watch this :

I am not really into Bunkface music but after listening to this song i think Bunkface can be one of the best indie band in Malaysia if they can produce more song like this.From this song we can realize that we can't live our lives without support from other people.We can be independent but if we work together we can achieve our goals same like what happened in the commercial.without the help of other people the paper guy can't meet his future girlfriend at the next building.

So bare in mind we need help from other people and don't be selfish.Just happy with your life and be a good friend to other.Because we know when do we need their help(we are not great in everything even we have PHD...).And remember that God create people for people than be grateful...


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