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It's me again writing something that can benefit us as a blogger.But today i was asked to review about how to change blog's templates.As we know there are many blog's platform that we can use to create our own blog and it is FREE.For me the famous and well known blog platform or server were like Blogspot,Typad,and also Wordpress.The most common platform use by Malaysian is Blogspot becuase it is very user friendly and it was one of the Google elements in SEO.

There were many techniques that we must know before we can run our own blog.The main thing is we need to know what is our expectation to our blog.Is it because we just want to write or we want to earn money.For me i choose both.because in my blog i write about my personal life and activities and also some internet marketing to earn money.

After we have register the blog in any platform it is very important to us to decorate the blog so that it will attract people to come.Off course the main important thing is our writing but blog decoration and templates also play the important role in driving traffic.It was like decorating a house.If our house was dull so people will not come to visit us.

As we know most of the platform use CSS as their coding and it was very easy for us to install it to the platform.Just copy the code and paste it to the HTML setting to change the templates.The other coding is XHTML this coding style were used by a professional blogger that understand HTML coding.Normally if we want to use this coding we must know how to adjust it.Typad is one of the platform that use this coding style.

If you want to decorate your blog then you can use the websites such as pyzam.com, Blogtemplates.com, and many more.For example you can go to other blog that i think got a unique decoration of templates such as CYdot Stories, Farenova, and also Sweet Vanila.Before that please remember that choose your template carefully because some templates will load your blog slowly.For more tips about templates come and read Edit your blog templates.

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