-= FigHtiNg The FeVEr =-

Hye all bloggers and readers.Actually i am not feeling well since yesterday that's why all of you haven't see any new entry from me.I don't know why suddenly i vomit.If it is because my wife is pregnant it's fine with me.But just want to share with all of you about something mystery that happened to my family lately.

What do you think about black magic???Is it real or just a creation...For me it was real it is not because i was influenced by "SANTAU" movie or what.but as a Muslim i must believe in this paranormal thing...ahaha...Maybe as a malay we call it santau,indian will say mandrem and maybe outsite malaysia they called it voodoo...

Last week my mother and sister were attacked by the black magic.suddenly they felt that something prick her head with needle.wow!!!how dare you done that to my mom!!!I don't know why people like to use this kind of thing to make other people sick...If they didn't satisfied with my mom or sister just meet and touch them (i know how to deal with you!!!ahaha).For me people who use this kind of thins to attack people is just a coward person.DEM!!!

If i know how to trace this stupid method then you'll know how i smack your head!!!So to whom that like to mess with people and send something that i think is not relevant please take back your stupid things and stop interrupt my family!!!And please put inside your head that you're coward!!!even i know and suspect some people but it's not within my power to punish you and i'll leave it to ALLAH so please stop doing it before i am out of my mind and blow your head off!!!

p/s :
- i know that the one that done this always read my blog!!!So please stop!!!before i am going crazy and to something that you dislike OK!!!
- To all Readers and Blogger hope all of you can pray for my family...TQ

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