-= SehAti BErDanSa =-

I know there are many of us that like to watch "Sehati Berdansa".WoW!!!did i said "Sehati Berdansa".Am i evolving to something.huhu...This all because of my mom.So she should be blame for this immoral activity.

As we know that the last couple that still carry on the challenge are Sazzy her hubby , and Sein with his wife.But for me even i didn't watch the final i still can know which couple will win(do i have magic power???).For me definitely Sazzy and her hubby will win the competition.

If the other couple that goes to final is Isma couple maybe it is hard to pick the winner because Isma & her hubby also has a good reputation in "Sehati Berdansa" and maybe her hubby is a bit over excited...(haha...)..So just wait & see who will be the next "sehati Berdansa" winner.

Vote for Sein


Vote for Sazzy

p/s :
- credit to Murai.com.my for the pic
- I just watch but sorry no vote from me!!!


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