-= SunShinE 2 RaiN =-

What should i say...Lost again to rivals!!!I feel like glass crashing to pieces...I taught that we can decrease the point difference but still can't make a change even The Devil's lost at Old Trafford.
But i didn't blame the boy for losing it just the matter of luck and a bit of reffree fault...WHY!!!
Because actually if Gerrard felt into the penalty area and had been given penalty of course The Gunners morale will down a bit.But Lost is Lost.ahaha...Hopefully we can get back on track and i admit that this season is the worst season.And off course the happiest person today is my wife(ya lor Gunners Fan)...I predicted that the match will end The Reds 2 - 1 for Gunners but it turn to be rolled back....Damn!!!

Yesterday was Memories of Bill Shankly(the successful manager in LFC history) but we can't win...If Bill Shankly still alive maybe he will slap Benitez's face...huhu...When we will get a manager that as great as Bill Shankly...

 So hopefully we can recover from our lost.It is ashamed that we lost in our own pitch!!!


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