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Hye again...Do you still remenber i have shared with all of you about one of the way to monetize your blog by using blog advertising method.Yesterday while i was serching for a method to make money online i found another type of blog advertising product that we can use to earn money.

This system called Blogadvertisingstore.This service is very easy to use.Just register as a member (off course it is free..).Don't worry about the cost.After register you just get the code and then paste it in your blog HTML code.With the code you are qualified to take one of the its opportunity.
To know more just visit Blogadvertising blog.

What we have to do is just write about the opportunity then send the link to them for review.Most of the offer was $10 above and the time of submition is 6 hours after reserving the opportunity.So is that so easy for us to earn money.The best thing is our nuffnang status is still Gliteratti and we still can earn money using our Nuffnang.

Just remember to be a good blogger we must have a good traffic for our blog.So by using this system we will not only earn money from the articles but they also will lead traffics to our blog.It is not included the traffics from search engine.So if you want to have great traffics and then learn about SEO(search Engine Optimization) try this and you will see the different.If we Malaysian we will get traffics from other country.It was one of the tactics and SEO (search engine optimization) style.

"May this system benefit us and our blog"

Remember :

"Blogger help blogger to become a great blogger"

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