-=Color Me Corby=-

Hye there it's me again...What???What do i mean about this entry title.Actually it is a task given by nuffnang to all the blogger.It is for "Samsung Corby Carnival" invitation that will be held on 2010.So let me tell yo about how colorful my life is.haha What makes my life colorful is my family and of course my lovely wife.Before i married my wife was very dull and i live in a misery...huhu.I always make something that i am not supposed to do.

(This is my wife..isn't she so lovely...ahaha)

But after my marriage my wife always give me strength and always support me to do everything that i supposed to do.She lighten up and colored my life with her love.And off course there was somebody that can take care of my food and control my time (am i always wasting my time baby???) and not forget also control the financial (you know what you are doing baby...)...huhu...So that's it should i share all about the marriage stuff to all of you NO!!!Just get married and you'll know...ahaha...That is
how colorful my life is.

(happy together ever after...ahaha)

But there is another one thing that can colored my life but i haven't got it yet...You want to know what???If only i could owned this Samsung CORBY...So hopefully i will get a chance to hold CORBY like this...:

(actually the CORBY inside the picture is not mine!!!hopefully can get one!!!)



Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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