-= Illussion Master =-

Actually wrong spelling for the Illusion but for it's ok.No problem at all!!!Yesterday i went to SSM(Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to register one company...WHOSE company is it!!!It was mine...
This is my first time doing this.I went there alone but actually my father was there too for his company registration (Family Business).

(wah!!look at the amoi...good pose!!!)

I arrived there at 2.05pm and then begin there registration.it takes around half and hour to complete the registration and payment.

(This is one of the bunting infront of SSM for the payment...sorry pic not so nice...not nikon lor)

And the most important is this bunting :

(2nd bunting infront of SSM)

You read carefully the last words of the banner.But!!!

( Those two inside the box is the agents)

We have to pay RM70 if we do it by ourselves but if we use their service we have to pay RM150 or maybe more.Why we have to waste our money for the thing that we can do and itr is not that damn hard OK!!!So after registered and wait for one hour for the cert, i got this!!!

(My number and also my cert of SSM)

Under :

(Illussion Master-maybe some of you will laugh at my spelling but what should i care it's my company!!!haha)


 So that's all.It is my first step for my company and the next step is to find my first shop and i think i have found it.and then i should prepare proposal for applying the SMIDEC.Hopefully Awal Muharam will bring prosperous to me!!!


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