-= MoNsTeR Love AffAirs =-

It is kind of weired when we are in love with monster and still hope for a vampire's love...ahaha...On Sunway i went for a movie at e@curve (cineleisure) with my wifey.I decided to watch "Twilight Saga - NewMoon".My movie start at 9.30 so we wasted our time by looking at the exhibition downstairs.There was a movies exhibiton and they put a lot of booth for us to look at.

(@ the avatar booth.What a scary creature.Is this creature exist...What a silly question...ahaha..Am i pinky enough!!!)

(Combination Bean Moreno and Sherlock Holmes will settle your problem coz i am smarter than Holmes)

Hold it right there...I am not going to tell you what i have done before the movie until the end of this entry right!!!so straight to the point.From my point of view actually New Moon was not as good as the previous sequel of Twilight.Because you know why ...lack of romance scene in this sequel.

Most of the story was focusing about Jacob and his ware wolf clan.Most of the scene was about jack proposing Bella after Edward gone to another city.In the same time after the Cullens were out of town Victoria Clan's comes again to chase Bella(i don't know why they keep on chasing Bella.Maybe because they didn't have beautiful vampire like the Cullens...Because all of Cullens Family were beautiful espcially Alice...haha).

But as usual there were no movies with a bad ending(even in 2012 got human that can get escaped from that great disaster.).What is the ending???Go and watch the movie by yourself.Because if i share all the scene with your guys maybe tomorrow all the cinema will close you know...ahaha...Then go and watch Twiligt Saga - New Moon

So anwers me...
Will all of you sacrifice your soul just because of LOVE???
Are you willing to accept LOVE from a Handsome Ghost???

p/s :
Cant wait to watch Avatar because Nuffnang send me invitation to watch Avatar on 17th of DEC.So if you want free tickets just be a Gliteratti member of Nuffnang...TQ Nuffnang


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