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Owh.My traffic is very low.Do you know that traffic is very important for us as a blogger or mayber website owner.If the traffic to our website is high so there will be a huge opportunity for us to monetize our product.For me i am learning how to make my site become popular.

One of the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) marketing that can make your site popular is go and submit you URL in the Web Directories beside joining any community to promote your URL.So as usual there were many web directories that we can use either free or we have to pay for the service.But for beginners or "newbie" like me i will try or should i say use the free service.

Maybe some of you will ask why should we use this service.It's simple.When we submit our URL links to this web directory they will promote our site to other reader or visitor.They also will send our link to the search engine.That's why it was call search engine optimization technique.The our URL will be found in the search engine depends on how strong your keyword.

There are many example of web directories that we can use such as www.dmoz.com Pegasusdirectory.com, www.zoomdir.com and many more.Or maybe the easy one is http://dir.yahoo.com .With this SEO gadget we can boost our site traffics.

Jasmine Directory is one of the web directory website that can be used by us.The concept is same.Just submit your URL to their directories.For example i will submit Tourism Malaysia website to this directories.Actually Tourism Malaysia is one of Malaysia Agency website where people outsite can know about Malaysia.This website is usefull for the tourist because they can explore many things about Malaysia.They can check beautiful pictures,destination and also the travel agency available in Malaysia.

with Tourism Malaysia website also tourist can get map os the places in Malaysia so they will not lost when they are in Malaysia.If they want to know the events that will happen in Malaysia they also can sheck it in the website.Beside knowing the places tourist can use this website to search the place that they can stay when they reach Malaysia.So dear tourist hope this website is usefull to all of you when you want to visit our country Malaysia.



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