-= MorNing!!!HappY AwaL MuHamRRam =-

Sorry for not updating my blog yesterday.I was very busy so i cant make it..So to all my silent readers and also followers hope you can visit my blog even i didn't update it(also don't forget to click my nuff ok!!!).For whom that click my nuff please tell me by typing @ the chatbox ok...I will visit your blog and for bonus i will click you nuff and ads too...Today maybe i will write a lot of entry to cover back the lost of yesterday...So again HAppy Awal Muharram to all the muslim...

p/s :

- Remember awal Muharram starts from yesterday maghrib and ends at todays maghrib.don't just give advice to people but we don't know the actual time of it and just want to condem other peoples activity without knowing they have don within the time.!!!

- Act like a muslim don't just celebrate the day but we still didn't change!!!


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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