-= ChUrp ChUrP =-

Haha...Its time for me to share something about making money online...Firstly i want to apologize for the crazy idea that i have suggested in the last two days.So past is past lets move on to the next chapter.Life must go on.So that the "Otai" will respect us as a newbie...(haha..if i have blogging since 2006 is it consider as OTAI!!!)...Ok2 stop2..

What i wanna share is about advertisement.For "newbie" blogger the thing that we know about advertising is blog advertising such as adsence(i have use it but...),nuffnang(now using and earning with it),or maybe payperpost(also using it as a tool for earning).But we forgot about one thing or another method of advertisement.That is social networking advertisement.

Blogger and twitter is actually same.Nowdays blogger also is a twitter(me as an example).So have you ever heard about churp churp...It is an advertisement company that works on Twitter.So we can have fun tweeting and also earn money with the system.So let take advantage with it.Maybe we will not earn a lot but we still have something to do.So maybe we will know about something new.

Just try this.so far i have earn some money diong this just tweet n earn.But Remember for muslim please reject the offer that related to alcohol or non-halal product.It is HARAM!!!So before thingking to do something that can make the OTAI mad(haha) so better we change it and try to figure out something that can benefit us.Make your tweets benefit you ok!!!

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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