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Morning...Nice to have it blogging again...I am still in fever mode...Still got sore throat...But still have passion to write this blog(actually for money...huhu...& have to)..I still don't have any activities to write(except my kitchen was corked yesterday...do you want to know???hahah)..So i decided to write about internet marketing and some of the method that we can use in social networking.So what else lol...Sharing is caring ma!!!If you care about somebody just share don't blame ok!!!Oooops!!!

Ok in twitter we normally write about product,share what we are doing, and also share links with our followers(i do it everyday)...So yesterday i keep on thinking some of my follower posted short link in their tweets.So i am very curious to know how to do that.So what else i do "Googling" lor!!!

Then I found this :

With this thing(maybe it look like rubbish...ahaha) we can shorten our link that we want to post in our tweets simple as that just put your link in the box For example we put suterablogger.blogspot.com:

Then we will get result like this :

After that just copy and paste the shorten links to your tweets...Isn't it easy???ahaha...so let's use this..So it is depends on you either you want to use it or not..I am just sharing and i am not "otai" that can influence you to follow what ever i do.ahaha...Sorry otai!!!So let the technology benefits your usage of internet!!!

p/s : 
- don't forget to tweet me @bean_suterablog...
- Remember sharing is caring ma!!! 
- One thing that people like is ...The service is FREE...


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