-= RemInDer For "FaCeBooK"er =-

(See the video and you'll know)

Morning to all reader and blogger that blogwalking(haha including me...i like blogwalking).Are you faceboob addict???This is one of the applivation that provided in the Facebook.So just go and check your addiction.Have you watch the video???So what do you think???I don't know either we have to believe this video or not.Believe it or not it is just depends on our selves.I also didn't force all of the "facebook"ers to stop updating their status.But just beware!!!

As we know FB is like a phenomena strikes heavily in our life.We chat,communicate and also play games using Facebook.But did we know what actually the main purpose of FB.Nope???So watch the video(if you can't understand English just hire an English teacher...haha).

I am also one of the FB user but my addiction level is just so..so...hehe.I just update my pic and status(but last time quite addicted to games...that's y i seldom open my FB.).Actually we didn't realize that it save when we online using FB but at the meantime they indecent our privacy when we are online(eventhough we got password...isn't it weird).We didn't realize it because it was happened behind the code(or maybe we are too eager playing games or maybe entertaining chicks...ooops!!!). 

And do you know where all of your database will be store.Guess what!!!in CIA database center(am i one of the celebrity or what???haha).For What???They keep our data to do research about human kind and culture for FREE(without FB  they have to invest millions of dollars).How???By using the games and also the quiz application they do their research.So How to prevent this thing???Just do one simple thing just do one simple thing.Don't put the real particular in your profile such as names,phone number, and etc(for me i just put bean moreno that is my pal name so that they can't trace me.am i smart enough haha!!!).

I am not asking you to stop "FB"ing (or else FB will sue me!!!haha).I just ask you to be aware with the situation.Don't let someone indecent our privacy easily without we realize it was happen.

(have you seen something like this before!!!)

p/s :
- For me,i just using facebook as a marketing method to promote my weblog and also chat.
- I have stop playing games for 2 month already because of this things.
- I am addicted to twitter now since it can bring money to me...
- Credit to Fahmishah.com for the info but i didn't copy the sentences OK!!!just the video...
- To FB really sorry for this...hahaha

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