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Morning earthlink...(wow sounds like alien right...).Maybe all of you will think why i write the post title like that.Actually i want to appologize for not writing anything yesterday.I was too bz anf today as a punishment i will write as many entry to cover back.

Actually on Tuesday i went for a ceremony that held in Seksyen 8 Kota Damansara.For your information i was one of Mystar - A agents but i am not active.ahah...But Tuesday morning i received a threaten SMS from my leader.It sound like this :

 " Hafiz if you dind.t show your face tonight the i will never give you commission on the project with Koperasi Wanita."

So after reading that SMS i felt guilty and then go to support my leader (after she called me for the 6 times i think.ahaha..yeah i am cruel!!!).The program was called "MAJLIS ANUGERAH PELAJAR CEMERLANG UPSR 2009".This award was giver to the student that got 5a's,4a's and 3a's in their UPSR.Don't forget that all the students use Mystar - A for their study.I think more than half of the student get flying colors result.

(This is one of the product)

The ceremony was launched by Dato' Bushro Bin Mat Johor (ADUN in Kota Damansara).

(Dato' Bushro)


(The crowds)

Maybe some of you don't know what is Mystar A.It is actually a portal that can be use by students from standard 1 to form 5 for their studies.One portal can be used by whole family.So if you want your kids smarter like me!!!(off course la i am clever even i didn't use this portal...ahaha).Just try this product.For more info you can go to Puncakmas Marketing.The resut of the programs in all the Kota Damansara Schools :

(all the UPSR students that got flying colors in ther UPSR)

The most important is the FOOD!!!It was prepared by Ani Sup Utara...wow!!Delicious...

(The food- ANI SUP UTARA)

Anybody that interested to use the portal just PM(private message me not Prime Minister OK!!!) or FB me or maybe Tweet me...


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