What do you think the different between iPhone & other smart phones?For the the most special thing about iPhone other it's design is the Apps.As i know there was no other smartphone that has many application for user to use.For me there are 2 iPhone apps that i really like and i have tried it :

1) Guitar Toolkit

This apps was created for music lover and likes to play guitar.With this apps you can dream like you are a guitar legend like Slash or even Malmstein.Maybe when they see you play guitar they will also knee to you.hak3...

With this apps you can adjust from tempo to tunes.It will also show you the guitar chords.So if you don't want you fingers to get hurt when playing Kapok just use this apps.

2) Mint.com Personal Finance

This apps is for people like me.People that always 0 in bank on the15th of every month.Hak3...With this apps you can manage your account so that  you can have financial freedom.

Maybe you have your own favorite apps and can share it.

p/s :

* It is easy to use iPhone apps and it was very user friendly.
* It will complete when you use DIgi Data Plan!


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