Back Stabber

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Hye guys,how are you.It's me again writing a dull story of my life again here in Suterablogger.In this entry i want to tell you about one of my biggest enemy.A story about one of my friend that i really dont want to meet.What do you think after you see the cartoon above?It is a real story man.

This story happened when i was 13 years old (form one ok!) and studying in one of the science school in Malacca.I fall in love with one of the famous girls in the school but at that time i am just a nerd that still don't know how to date a girl or should i say love idiot!So i ask my senior to help me and guide me to be a great romeo.hak3...Damn idiot!

After 2 month helping me then i heard something fishy happened.That idiot steal my girl man!!!But what can i do.I am just a nerd junior that only knows to carry an order (askar).Until today i still can't accept what he had done to me and i hope i will never meet him because...

I hate backstabber!!!DAMN IT'S TRUE


p/s :

* Hope it is not too late!

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