-= AdNaN SeMpiT RevIeW =-

Even there's many blogger have review their view on Adnan Sempit movie.I will also review it because i have watched this movie.It is actually because i don't have any idea to write in this blog at the moment.Have you seen this movie yet???NO!!!Come on...Just book your ticket now because the movie was very interesting!!!

(Adnan Sempit poster!!!Go and watch it NOW!!!)

Many people said that this movie is only suitable for Mat Rempit.So if you think that way than you're the one that sempit not Adnan because why movies was made not only for certain group of people(If like that David Teo will bankrupt lol).Yes it is about some of mat rempit lifestyles.The story begins with Who is Adnan...

(Adnan and the tagline is "Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada Highway"...hahaha)

The movie is about one mat rempit that have a feeling to his own boss Nadia(Intan Ladyana) and got a dream to tackle this rich woman(wow!!!can this happen???).So his dream started when the time Nadia wants to organize a reunion in her family bungalow but her friends wants to see her boyfriend.So she have to admit and pick Adnan as her boyfriend but it is just for fun only not real(huhu very sad...)To make the fake relationship become real they agreed to with their lifestyle.So there were many funny and weird things happened.But when the time reunion started Nadia humiliate Adnan(how dare!!!)

 The climax happen after Nadia's laptop was stole by another mat rempit.Adnan show his guts and help nadia to get back the laptop and finish up Nadia proposal(owh still got mat rempit that has holy heart.I don't belive it...ahaha).After that....Just go and watch la...I am not a story teller i just review only ma...

"I don't want banana fruit two times!!!"

The best part in this movies all the sentences that Adnan made in English.wakaka very funny.I think from the movie start until the end of the movie you'll laugh all the time with all his sentences and also Along Cham character.But in this movie the only thing that i like to watch is...

(wah...gorgeous!!!...like to watch her style of acting...very manja you know!!)

Beside that i like the style of SAM(Zizi Ezzetee bro).In every single movie always rilax and very entertaining.I think maybe the next Rosyam Nor.So to whom that haven't watch this movie yet go!!!.

p/s :

- Just threat my baby watching movie by the Samsung Carnival prize....
- Wow got another invi to Nuffnang screening :

(Next Monday i will go to watch Tooth Fairy)




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