-= DeLL STidiO DesigN ConTesT =-

Wow it's boring when we have to sleep alone,eat alone...Why???Because why wife went to her office "Family Day" at Port Dickson Yesterday.That's what Malay said "If the thing is infront of eyes we never bother it,but if it's far away from us then we will start thinking of it..."(wah!!! quite poetical this morning...).

But the best part is i can blogging without interference.ahaha.So i decided to make some artwork for DELL competition.Maybe i am not a good graphic designer but for me if i want to do something then the idea will come.So these are some of the design that i had done yesterday.

1st artwork : Cooling Drops

2nd artwork : Feel Free

Its a simple design from an amateur designer like me.I am looking to submit more design.So hopefully when these designs approved by Dell all of you can give votes so that i can win...ahaha...remember Blogger supports Blogger.And don't forget to click @ my nuff if it is interesting to you ok...

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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