-= MaKe MoneY FrOm TwiTTer =-

Hm...I think that i have posted this kind of entry.Just maybe from different source.Ok for blogger that have or use twitter so maybe after this beside you communicate using twiiter try to earn money from it.But don;t worry it is FREE!!!(must highlight this words to impress people...)

What you have to do is just register for twitter and open an account with ChurpChurp.Maybe some of you knew already about this but if you dont just open it at ChurpChurp.com .The concept is just the same like Nuffnang but the style is different.Ok in Nuffnang we earn depends on the advertisement clicked by the visitors but in ChurpChurp we earn depends on our tweets.Isn't that easy???But all the ads was given by ChurpChurp and got its guideline that we must fullfill.

I'll show you the example on my account...

(Front Page)

1- Your Earning - To check your earning

2- Dashboard - To adjust the campaign 

3- Tweets - To see and write the tweets

4- Setting - Account setting

Isn't it easy to use.hm..now we go to how to generate tweets...

1- Go to Tweets -> search tweets instruction :

1 - Instruction - read it carefully or not simple mistake will cause your tweet decline
2 - Compose the tweet there.must follow the instruction

So do you having fun online???Do you feel good to make money???Easy as ABC...Good Luck with your tweets...

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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