Huh!!!To all blogger and readers hopefully you'll never influence by the title of this post.Why???becuase it is just a word that i can say to review the brand new style introduced by LG.It is not related to any sexual contents and can be read by any level of ages.

Why i like it longer???Ok for example there were many things that we use have to be longer.For me it is better if my cigarette is longer than what i am having now!!!The longer the better so that i can stop smoking because i will feel fed up to finish it (is it good enough to support TAK NAK campaign) .Like now the cigarette was too short and people will addicted because it will finish easily(that's why people hard to stop smoking...).To make it simple try to ask your children to read historical books for 4 hours.They will feel bored and felt asleep.





Another thing that i like it longer is my entry.If i can write a long entry i will be satisfied because i can write everything that i have in mind and get out from the stress.That's the reason why i blog.And i like to write a long entry doesn't matter the reader like it or not(anyway it is my blog so...).Becuase you know people that can write a long article actually got many idea inside.Not just can write a junk article but also can write something that can benefit themselves and also their reader.So how is that.Did you understand "Why I Like It Longer"...

Now it's time to show you another thing about "Why I Like It Longer" :

Have you seen this Hand Phone before(i think yes but only in the picture right!!!).Ok let me go straight to the point.Ok this is about the new LG Chocolate Phone or its pampered name BL40.Why it was called BL40 just asked LG lol(i am not the one who created it).We take a look to its physical in the picture first :

(The new LG Chocolate BL40)

When we look at the size.It was longer than other type of hand phones.Ok let me explain why I like it longer.I like it longer because it is unique and totally different from other brand.So that's means if i use this phone it makes me look unique and different from other guys and it will be one of my attraction(huh is it look so fanning!!!No!!!My way ma...)

Another one reason why i like it longer is because it look cute.Like the phone said longer is cuter(is it!!!).So i have no worries about put in in my jeans.Remember it is long and light.So when it is longer the screen also longer right!!!So it can display many icons or function on the screen.

(Wow!!!what a gift!!!)

p/s :


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