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Hm...Too many problem to face this week.So have to blog to bring back my positive sutera and find the solution.WHY???If we keep on thinking of the problem we will burden our brain and then we will waste our precious energy.Just leave the problems to ALLAH after we have done our best.

Ok lets talk about something that can bring something or benefits to us.Have you ever think about what can we do with a chatbox in our blog.???Actually some of us will say that this chatbox is sort of rubbish.Yes it is also considered as a good opinion.But for me chatbox is one of a good widget that i must place in my blog.WHY???

(Chatting here!!!)

Chatbox is the one of the important widgets that i think i must have in my blog compared to musicbox.Ok with chatbox off course we can communicate with our fellow reades and blogger.Some of you will say..Just drop the comment lol...Yep!!!it is right!!!but can you imagine that there were a lot of reader out there that don't have an ID.For example if you use blogspot("otai" please ignore because i know that you're using wordpress...ahaha) you must think that not all of your reader that have google ID.and maybe you put moderate comment so the readers couldn't leave their comment(for me i will leave it open and everybody can comment so that i know what they feel about my post or blog).So in this situation we need a chat box to make the reader feel confortable to leave their comments.

One more thing,with chatbox we can help other blogger to promote their links.Yes!!!of course we like to blogwalk.When we blogwalk or blogcrawling (or what eva!!!) we like to read and maybe also like to promote our link inside the blog that is new for us.With with chatbox widget we can put our link and the other blog reader will click our link in the chatbox(off course ma!!!try to find a lot friends).

But remember that if you put the chatbox please reply back what the visitor wrote in the box.Because you know what...If you didn't reply maybe they will not come again to your blog even you have update your posting.WHY???Because they will assume that you're a bit "sombong" or in chinese word "langsi..."ahaha...

p/s :

- Chatbox also will cause bad thing.Remember one entry that i have wrote about somebody promoting their MLM in my chatbox.Read it here.So for this useless reader please respect our blog ok!!!

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