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Now it's time for me to share what happened in the "Digi Event" yesterday.I know there were many of my fans(wah do i have fans???i think got two fans in my house..ahaha) out there want to know about what my team has done in the event.It's like "Boom Boom Pow" you know...

(Before the registration...Where is Wiseman???He's taking the pic ma!!!)

(Discussing and thinking bout our fate in the competition coz other teams was...)

Ok...The event started a with chaotic briefing in the Mardi Gras right after the registration session finished at 3.00 om.Want to know something...The fact is our team is the first team that registered.Wow!!!that's the spirit man...After the briefing we were given a passport sheet(not a VISA ok...).This passport is like a tickets to enter all the shops and do all the challenge and we need to get a stamp for all the challenge.

Let's start with the challenge.Because i was quite familiar with OU(One Utama) so all the team member have to listen to my instruction.(credit to my wife because if she not a shoppaholic maybe i don't know the shops in OU.For the first challenge we went to Quicksilver boutique just entered it last week).In the quicksilver challenge we have to take all the cloth that we want and wear it.Because we didn't have much time so i take what ever in front of me...(it's good if we can take the clothes home for free!!!)


The second Challenge is at Hit It Batting Cage.It is situated at the Roof Top Of OU.We have to wait for 15 minutes to start our challenge.This is where we learned how to be a pro baseball player.Wow!!!It is really hard to hit the ball(or maybe i got problem with my eyes).But the best thing is one of our team member hit the home run!!!Yeay!!!I feel like i am the next Rowland Office...ahaha...


(Our saviour..PJ Selamba!!!Home run boy!!!)

After Finishing the baseball game we were rushing to the Celebrity Fitness to do the next challenge(actually we went ther earlier but full booked!!!).In Celebrity Fitness we have to run 800M and the challenge was evaluate base on the average time...(Do they think i am Boltz or what.even Boltz can't finished it..ahaha).But in this challenge there something funny happened!!!What???let our team,the Digi people and GOD know....hahaha...


The next challenge was at the Rain forest.We have to be like a cannibal and play "sumpit".Like an Iban worrior we shot the bull's eye.But the main thing this i only got one shot at the board(tired already ma!!!800M you know!!!).But luckily we have one team member that have a skills like Iban's people.Wiseman save the day(maybe his the Iban that lost to this rock jungle!!!)

 (Tired lol!!!Have to sumpit hah!!!)

 (Look at our board!!!The saviour is wiseman with cap)

After this challenge we went to Swatch shop to do our commercial for Swatch.Everybody were trying to be the next Swatch model.For my team it's lucky that i am wearing a Swatch.Doing commercial is not easy for a cute people like me...very shy man!!! you can see the commercial in my facebook video.can't upload it here because youtube got problem!!!


After being a superstar we rushed to DIGI center to be a Dee Jay...Why???In this challenge we have to create a playlist that have Lady Gaga (wow!!!she's hot..) and Akon(i only knows one of his song...but it's hard to find his song...).We lost this challenge just because Akon!!!What Da...You owe us something Akon!!!


Then we went to the reain forest back to be the next Sherlock Holmes.The challenge was organized by Nokia Phone.We have to watch a video that have the codes.After that we have to settle it on a piece of paper.Wow!!!It's hard i didn't learn it in school or also in my Diploma...But with the genius mind Cik Hel we managed to settle it down.

Yeay!!We have made it and the last station was in Mardi Gras it self.we have to dance but sorry no pic...because we dont want to be called to enter do you think you can dance or maybe Skademi Fantasia..OOOps or maybe Sehati Berdansa.So we collected all the stamps and went into the Mardi Gras!!!Want to know something.We were the second team that arrived early.

While waiting the result to be announced...there many performances.The digi dancers give all they have(What!!!wow!!!can i get your number!!!)I was amazed because i havent see any of performance in my entire life!!!.When they stop dancing The KL Stoppers were ready to RAWK!!!Nice performance guys!!!For me this event was great...Credits to Nuffnang and Digi for a great event(looks like i have to bodek them...so please let us win...ahaha)

Abd the best part is!!!We win one of the Challenge!!!Yeay!!!You want to know which Challenge that we won...The "SUMPIT" Challenge!!!ahaha!!!And we won....

 (We won the 3G Broadband modems!!!from the left Cik Hel,PJ,Bean Moreno,Wiseman)

That's all that i can review for this event.Hope got invitation to other events...So "Malique Angkat Tangan"...

p/s :

- All the nuffnangers that enter this event received one DIGI 3G TURBO internet prepaid card for free!!!!so for us it was no problem to use it because we won the MODEM!!!

- To all the participants that didn't win the prizes...try again at the next event!!!

- I have told you that Vatos Locos will RAWK the party right!!!

- Another team blogpost you can check out cik hel blog


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