-= BrOadBanD =-

Sometime i keep on thinking is this the real way of competiting in business world...It keeps me laughing when the time i watched their commecial.I don't know either have to call it creativity or just envy each other.No matter what was their intension.I still satisfied with P1 service until now.
It is better than surfing using wire broadband.

If i have to choose either P1 or wired broadband(you know la) i still want to use P1(even my wife working with one of their subsidiries).A lot of my friend said that P1 service is still good because their user is still in small capasity.Or maybe i can say the still not conjested yet.But for me if the broadband distributor knows how to control their usage and upgrade their service the conjested problem can be settle.

You have the power...You have the profit but you didn't know what customers want from the service and a lot of customer complaining about the same problem that's mean your marketing or service department haven't reach the perfect level.Before this i use wired broadband 4mb but when i i want to play clips in utube still have to wait for buffering.So think...I didn't mean to condem them but just want to share.

(This is the streamyx commercial...see the P sticker if you realize it was different from the actual P for JPJ)

(This is P1 commercial..The only thing that we can assume is just "potong")

p/s :
- Just want to share my experience in broadband.because i have used most of the broadband from the different provider.
- FYI all wireless broadband got their strength depends on the location so before choosing your broadband please check the service area first or not you'll be regret...

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