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Huh i am sick of this.All this negative perceptions keep on pushing me to write down about this matter.Actaully we all heard about this a long time ago and it is still happen and we will still bothered by this situation.

Have you heard about one of the "society" that i think now keep on destroying our youngster mind.Before this this society is a secret society(is it).But now it was not anymore.WHY??? Some of the members like to show off and take advantage to other people by using their membership in this society.I am sick of it(come on!!!).Even i also faced up the bad situation with one of the member(DAMN!!!).Should i mention the name...No need lo...

Gangsterism is one of the thing that still happen in our country.Everybody wants to show that they are good and strong(what da...).Many of our youngster wants to join this society to show that they were gangsters...Go out there beat people,take money from other people(pow)...Is this the way of Malaysian(that's why i feel like i wanna quit following this society)???Let me share with you what happened to me...Let me tell you how i deal with this stupid monkeys!!!

One day i was in a hurry to go to the bank(to pay loans ma!!!).So i walk quite fast and then in The Curve i was accidentally ran over one guy(maybe 21 years old) but then i say :

"Sorry bro..."
With a handsome smile to him then continue my journey to the bank because i am in a hurry.After i have settle all my problem(ya lol loan is a problem ypu know???) then i rush back to my office.I went out of the bank and see the guy that i ran over just now with 2 friends.then they call me.I went to see him and ask him what do he want...Then the dialog become like this :

mamat x : bro mai mana???
bean moreno : mai mana???apa tu bro..saya xfaham???
mamat x : aku tanya hang mai mana jawab la...
bean moreno : saya maisara(then smiling)
mamat y : apahal ko ni kurang ajar sgt!!!"Abang" aku tanya jawabla...
bean moreno : Hm...saya xtau apa2 BANG!!!saya orang johor bukan orang kedah..kenapa panggil saya nih...
mamat x : ko dah langgar aku tadi nak buat2 bodoh???(he pushed me)
bean moreno : owh pasal tadi tu ke???kan saya dah mintak maaf saya xsengaja..
mamat x : mak aiyh kerek eyh ko ni...kang aku tumbuk kang!!!hormat skit bro ni die pegang sini...

then i bring out my phone and show it to them.i show the phone number...
bean moreno : Nah skang senang bang...saya dah mintak maaf tapi abang cam gangster la so abang pilih nak soh saya kol sape???sepatutnya awak kene panggil saya abang sebab saya lagey tua..tapi it's oklah saya panggil awak abang tanda hormat.

mamat x : sorry la bang..saya mintak maaf sgt2...xpayah kol la bang...kite settle...
bean moreno : dah la...aku nak cepat...so korang boleh tolong berambus tak???dah blah!!settle..

That was the scenario that i faced with the people that i can called stupid.Maybe the didn't go to school.WHY???because people that go to school is STUDENT but people that didn't go to school is STUPID...It is just becuase my body was quite small(or should i say cute and handsome) people wants to bully me!!!Damn!!!Is this the way Malaysian should be.Think about it.

p/s : 

- Please stop this scenario...can anybody tell me is that good to show your strength!!!
- Please respect all the people no matter who they are!!!
- Hope all the society leader aware before bringing in new member...They all SUCKS!!!
- Stop this kind of mentallity just CHANGE!!!
- Not all the members were SUCKS only few of them...



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