-= JokEs Of ThE DaY =-

Hye everybody,morning to all of you(wah seem like a story telling right!!!).Today i just want to write something that different from my niche.What is niche???(not the clothing brand ok.That one is Nicchi...am i right???).Just want to think out of the box...

(Johan & Zizan still rule the show!!!)

I watch "Raja Lawak 4" everyweek(one of my favourite show i think...).For me most of the contestants are not qualified for it.There were only some of them that really can make jokes and if you watch it you'll know.But there was one comedian in the show that i really like to watch.Everyweek i watch "Raja Lawak" just because of him.He is ALEX...

(credit to Murai.com.my)

For me he is a natural comedian and one more entertaining.If you didn't believe me how about watching Raja Lawak 4.Superb that's all the words that can match his performance.Even he is from SABAH but i still can understand what he was trying to say(actually i like sabahan gurl...hukhuk..not vivi ok!!!)

Ok let watch one of his best performance that i think or should i say intelligent jokes..

(ALEX is the great comedian!!!aramaiteee)

p/s :
- I think Chacha will go out this week.He can't make jokes at all(sucks!!!)
- Another comedian that i like is Abang Kassim PonPon...He got the style...

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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