-= SoCiaL NetWorK + BloGGeR =-

Morning!!!What a lovely day...a kick start to my lovely mind and soul..Actually this psot is not gonna discuss about Nescafe Kick Start ok!!!It is just a word to let me wake up to start a new life in the new day.

What do you think about this posting title???Is it relevant or not(for me it is relevant to us rather than condemn other people blog right!!!sorry "otai").As we know today there were many social network that exist and used by people such as Facebook(it's on top right now...but beware!!!),Twitter(i am using it),Hi5,or even Myspace(suitable for maybe underage people..haha).Forum also one of the SN element.

With all these SN(Social Network) we can communicate with our friend,play games, do quiz(sometimes it is SUCKS), and also flirting(baby i am not the one who doing it...ahaha).Do you know that by using this SN ,blogger can promote their blog and earn something from it.For me i have tried this method and it helped a lot.Thats mean we can get traffic by using SN.WHY???

(Yesterday stats to show the result for SN marketing)

Now you can see the use of SN in blogging.Actually i seldom use my FB to communicated mostly it use it to tell everybody that my blog is updated!!Beside that i also use twitter to promote my blog.I like to use twitter compared to FB...WHY???It is a secret of marriage mannn!!!!So to summarize this entry i would like to say :

"Use SN wisely don't make it ruin your entire life"

p/s :

- Sharing is Caring...Caring is Loving..
- Even the volume of visitor that came from SN is small but it is still visitors right.so be grateful.

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