-= Do BloGGeR MaKe MonEy??? =-

Did you believe that blogger can make money just by updating their blog(even updating a junk post???).I know many of you still didn't believe it right.It is your problem not mine.I got a lot of friend that ask like this :

"Bean what did you blog for...it is just a waste of time..."

I hate this statement.Yes it is just a waste of time for a person who is mentally blocked!!!You haven't try it then you just know to condemn.You only want to do if you see the result first.You'll only believe if you see other people success!!!DEM it is not a good attitude bro.Then after you see the people success you come to them and say :

"Is this what you call friend.make money alone la bro...!!!"

Uncivilized statement from an idiot loser(hahah...sorry if i am rude but i hate that attitude!!!).Ok let me show you guys how blogger make money...Just ask the blogger la(haha just kidding).Ok if you see at my right side bar there one box call nuffnang!!!That is how blogger make money(or should i say lubuk!!!).What is NUFFNANG???

Nuffnang is an blog advertisements company that link the blogger and the advertiser.How does it work???Simple advertiser ask them to do ads and then they use our blog to publich the ads(now did you understand???).It is just a same concept as Google Adsense.Don't know what is google adsense just search in your SE(search engine).

About Nuffnang...Let me show you what can we do with it...

(Nuffnang Dashboard)

For me the were 5 elements that really important and we should know in this dashboard :

1- Blog Analytics -> to show your visitors,keywords,visitor place,referrals and also nuff members
2 - Earning -> to check your earning,and also campaigns running in the blogs
3 - Add ads ->  for the codes and ads placements
4 - Blog manager -> to add,remove or edit your blog
5 - Edit survey -> to put survey profile in order nuffie to place ads
6 - Nuff Status - your status in nuff...make sure it is Glitterati not Illuminati(just joking...haha)

Hm...If you want to know more just explore it...To Blogger that still did not have nuffnang ads.Just do this :

- Go to the Blog Manager -> add blog -> put blog detail -> submit the blog
- Go to Add ads -> Choose the code -> copy
- Go to your blog dashboard -> layout -> add gadgets -> paste the code -> save

With this easy steps now you can start earning from your blog.For me,I really watch out for all the events.You can look out for the event in :

(Just click home and you'll see what's happenning)

Now you can see that Nuffnang is not just about earn from ads but also earning something form the event.Just click my EVENT tab and you'll see(i didn't mean to show off OK!!!)...So now are you happy with my post???Is it clear enough to tell you that blogging makes money???

p/s :

- I am also still learning how to make more money with it.just read the glitterati page and you'll know what you can earn with nuffnang if you're one of the nuffnangers...
- Enjoy the nuff and get the chance to go to movie screening..(So you'll save your money to treat your girlfriend for a movie...ahaha)
- If blogger doesn't make money how come PETRA can go to Australia(haha just joking)
- There are many other ways that show how blogger make money.just google it!!!
- Just refer to other blogs like Kakred,Nara,Kak g,and other


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