-= TireD BuT SaTisFied (TeMPlaTE CHaNGinG )=-

I keep on thinking what suppose i do to my blog???Everyday i check on the templates in the net but BORING!!!It was just the same.So i decided to decorate it my self using coding.Very hard and need some patient to finish it.I was really amazed by other blogs that can attract reader just by the template and the widgets arrangements.WoW!!!

So i decided to use the same templates but only changing the widgets arrangement and a bit of color structures in the templates.People praise and ask me how do you managed to memorized the color code(do you think i can memorized all the colour codes!!!i am not robot OK!!!).Ok it is just a simple way to change the colors.first of all you have to sketch the templates in rough paper so that you know what you want.

The second thing is you must know where you must go and what you must use for the task(change the templates).For me i just use photoshop and also my blogspot lol...

First of all open your blogspot account.then :

1- Click Laout TAB
2 - Click Edit HTML TAB
3 - Go to the edit template box and try to find "Variables"

4 - Check all the variables
5 - Look for the colors value and just change the value...

HOW(Not Heroes On Wheels OK!!!) TO CHANGE THE VALUE!!!...

6 - Open the new Document in Photoshop then click the color TAB
7 - Copy the calor value then paste back a the the blogspot page...


p/s :
- This is my method.Maybe got other easy way so tell me lets share!!!I am not a coding expert!!!

- From my view,if we put template that very2 beautiful it will make our page load become slower.
- After all Sharing is Caring!!!Blogger help blogger remember!!!


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