-= WoW FoR MidNigHt =-

Maybe some of you will be thinking why iam "wow"ing about.It's amaizing because all my posts for blogadvertisingstore were approved!!!Did yo sill remember that before this i wrote about one of the blogging opportunity.I have wrote about Blogadvertisingstore.com (refer to this entry).

Just now i just opened my email to check if there is something for me from Nuffie.There is a bad news and a good news!!!The bad news is i didn't get any invitation yet from nuffie(sob2...) but there is something good in my mail.What???All my articles that i posted in blogadvertisingstore were accepted by the admin.Do you remember i worte something anout camera tricks,web directory and blog templates.Each of them worth USD10.so thats mean i have earn USD30.Still do want to believe me???!!!Let me show you the prove...

(This is the posts that approved...Click to enlarge)

(earning & TnC for cash out!!!lClick to enlarge)

So for me buy a domain is not a waste because with this advertising style i can earn more than USD50 in one month and not forget my Nuffnang earning that i shouldn't show it in here now (not a big amount as the otai does..)hahaha....But still can pay my bills la..

So come & join me.don't worry about your Gliterrati status..This advertising method will not gonna effect gliterrati status.I still got invitation to the movies after all(don't be jelous ok!!!)

p/s :
- can't wait to cash out this one.I like to write article (even if it is about Liverpool stupidity
..damn Benitez..)
- To anybody that wants to join me just click at the banner to register.Don't worry it is FREE!!(If not i also wouldn't join this..ahaha)

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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