-= AstRo BYonD BloGGEr NiGHt =-

Huh!!!Actually today i am not in a good mood.Internet DOWN,web& email hosting DOWN people don't want to pay their debts(damn it!!! if RM5 its ok but the main problem is RM5K).But don't want to be bothered by this negative things and I leave it to ALLAH.

So just to let go the stress that i am having right now i decided to write about what happned in "Astro Byond Blogger Night" last 2 days.Actually i was invited by Nuffnang to review about Astro Byond.I went there alone(ya lor i am not as famous as Kak Ina...so i didn't have many followers..ahaha).So after arrived at the Rain enterence i registered my name but the problem was they put my real name(oowwwh no!!!kantoi sudah!!!):

(hm...why do they put my real name!!!)

The Gift :

(But at least i received this)

During the event ASTRO give us a chance to feel the BYOND technology and it is WOW!!!unbelievable.Nice and clear view.Beside that,we were involved in the crime scene game.We have to find a murderer by using the clues that they pasted on the wall.And the result is :


(this is my team pic.From left Deydeq,Lily,me,Azizul and Aus)

OK maybe we lost in the game.but we win in blogging relationship.WHY???because we get to know each other and change our link.So please come to my blog and read my entries guys!!!

(me with Amy Kababooom!!!how about sharing the levi's voucher!!!Nara no scandal2 OK!!!)

(When all the blogger unite!!!Wow!!what a number...Uiks Sumi what are you doing!!!Kak Ina with her style...wakaka...and Byzura).

We have so much fun and i almost forgot that my wifey is waiting for me at home...Sorry Baby!!!



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