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Hye and hey to all the readers and blogger.Hm still in moody feeling because too many damn craps interupting my emotion this week.I don't know what to say about this person.She owe me RM4K but then refuse to payback.WTF 3677(i am not writing vulgar words ok this is just car plate no...copying emmy idea..ahaha).Actually i don't what want in this person mind.You owe me money but then after i said i have done the police report then he threatened me back by telling me that he knows the LAW!!!Come on la...it's not me that owe you.I just help you then is this the way you treat me back.Suppose you should be guilty not threatening me back.Just simple you pay my money then i will pull back the report.Simple right!!!(i don't know either you got problem with your mind or what...)

 Another thing that distract me this morning...It is more to our attitude on the road..What da Hell(not cik hel or baby hel okey!!!) are you thinking off guys!!!You want to know why???Let me show you our drivers attitude...

(Drivers with no manners)

(The the car overtake my car!!!so sad!!!)

Actually i can still can tolerate if he wants to overtake me but see no SIGNAL...I think maybe we should buy a national car because you know what still can use the signal light.Or maybe this driver don't know how to use the signal light(go to metro driving academy la broooo!!!).You are so lucky because i don't know how to use my honk!!!If not...

All the people on the road were in a hurry.If you want to get to your place early just wake up early lol..With the attitude like this you are making the traffic worst...(it is ok if this blog got traffic jam!!!Then i will buy you starbucks...).

p/s :
- Hopefully i will not be like these drivers.Stay calm and peace...
- Sometime i also forgot that my Gen2 signal light is at the left handsite(but at least i got intention to give signal...hehe)
- By the "pujuk rayu" of my wife i become normal and not mad anymore...you dont want to see me if i get mad!!!

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