-= MonSteR in MalAysiA =-

Hm...it is sad to hear if somebody from your company resigned from the organization.I still can't stop thinking why did they resigned.Until today the number that resigned was 10 person.Maybe they have their own reason why they resigned(or maybe they like to do this all the time...ahaha.just joking...)Actually resigning is better than got no job at all..aaha...

Last time keep on hearing these statements :

"Wow it's hard to find the job today lor...how ar..."
"My Job is not suitable for me.Where can i get a better job"

"My salary is not enough la bro...I need another job..."

For me these questions got the answer.Just search for a job la bro...If we just sit and wait...Sorry bro we will not getting anything.We must remember that we are not living in the ice-age era or should i say nomad style of living.With a click you can get whatever you want.it's simple as that.

For me if i didn't have any job,i will not panic because you know why.I got a broadband and i can search any post that i want (the only thing is am i qualified or not...ahaha).Normally we use Jobstreet to search for jobs.But now there is another Monster coming to Malaysia.

I am not talking about monster that fight with Ultraman in Japan or maybe zombie that like to rumble with Incredible Hulk in USA.The thing that i want to share with you is Monster.com.The service is same like Jobstreet.com but the different is it is more user friendly and also it is international.

Simple..Just search in the box and then all the jobs that you want will appear at the nest page.So there is no reason for us to give.If you still didn't have jobs just ask yourselves y...Try this service...


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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