-= oWh SwiFt =-

Hye again this is my second entry for today...ahaha...I know some of you are waiting for my latest entry right(wah...feel like a famous writer...hehe...but please don't call me "OTAI").Regarding to this entry title do you think that i want to write about this :

Owh no...not this Swift...I prefer to write about Caldina rather than this Swift.Not my type...(but if Suzuki give me for free what should i say...SEBAT sudah!!!akaka).While i was driving back from office i heard gossip about my 2nd wife(Oooops!!!Hope my baby didn't read this entry).

(Only in dream lol)

I heard that Swift already broke up with Launtner and launtner went back for a relationship with his x girlfriend(Yaks!!!).But it's ok Swift i still have 3 more to go...ahaha..Actually Swift was a talented singer.She can wrote songs and her voice was wow!!!I like to listen to her song and we have similarity(not gender la bro...).For me i like to write simething that happened in my life and i share it in this blog.Swift also always wrote song that related to her own life.For example if you listen to "fifteen" it's about her own situation(how about you write a song about me Swift then people will know...ahaha).

So let's listen to her song(i like her music deep from her soul).

(Fifteen - Tylor Swift)

p/s :
- Yeay go back to Mama House...

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