-= BloGGer HeLp BloGGeR...And The FaCTs ARe =-

Hye and Assalamualaikum to all my readers and bloggers.Actually i have no idea to write anything on this blog today.So i decided to blogwalk all the blog that i followed since i started blogging.Just to get some rough ideas from them(i am not copying your contents OK!!!).

First of all i want to ask you...Do you know that what is the most thing that all people afraid off.The answer is "Blogger".WHY???Ok it is simple.Blogger got one power that other peoples don't have.And the power is our WRITING or ARTICLES!!!...Our articles can scared many politicians,big company(but many of us help them a lot),and also artists.These kind of peoples actually will try to make something if they see blogger around them.

For example celebrity will try to avoid facing Abang Nara because he always write about celebrity articles in BeautifulNara.Celebrity will look carefully around them because if not...(just think what happen!!!).Red Mummy was one of the blogger that promotes a lot of women products in her blog Redmummy and it can bring a lot of profit to the company(for any husband please avoid your wife from reading her blog...hahaha...just kidding...) and lastly do you know politician is a group of people that really afraid of us.They scared if we write about politics in our blog...WHY just ask them!!!That's why PETRA go outstation for a vacation!!!(New Petra is coming Kickdafella...very funny)

From my review people out there will listen to what ever we write.We are a type of groups that can play with people emotion.So i was touched by an entry last night.I read about what happened to our fellow blogger(MEGAT) and his family(if you wanna read the story just click here).So on behalf of other bloggers i would like all of us to put the symbol to our blog and RM1 will be donated to MEGAT.What symbol???

(Blogger - we care logo put this on your sidebar)

As a blogger i think we should help(even if i am not blogger also) our fellow blogger because i think he need our support maybe it is not much but we still help.Another one thing if we help people maybe next time when we need help somebody will help us.REMEMBER "Blogger Help Blogger"...

p/s :

- to Megat i hope you can be a strong person to face all the problem.Just remember your god and seek for a guidance.
- Maybe for some of you this campaign is not a new issue but for me it is still fresh!!!

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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