-= DiGi InTerNeT 3G TuRbo!!! =-

It's monday again.As usual Monday is a day that i receive my new task of the week...So laziness is killing me gently thruough my nerves.DEM!!!Actually i am still in the lazy mode but trying to get the motivation through the playlist that i created this morning.

So because the lazy mode that i have been through i would to share with all of you the new things that i have tried this morning.As you all know that my team won the challenge and we received a 3g broadband modem(it sounds like want to show off right.no la i am good person.Holy man...).and the best thing is all the nuffnangers received a Digi Internet 3G TURBO prepaid simcard.So that means all the Nuffnangers that attend the event was the first group that can enjoy the DIGI 3G TURBO services(don't be jealous ha other blogger!!!):

(This prepaid 3g Turbo still not in the market yet!!!i am one of the first user...)

Like other broadband modem it is easy to install(same brand ma HuaWei)...Autoinstall...

 1 - insert sim card to panel
2 - close the panel

3- insert the modem to the USB

Connect by using the software..

And then...Plup!!!connected and ready to be used.isn't that easy.even 3 years old kid can do it.But the most important thing is the speed is pergh!!!wow!!!! better la than other competitor (don't want to mention name because they can sue me...)but try this and you'll terminate even the monopoly line (you know which one right!!!DEM slow!!!)...i pay for nothing because of their "crawling snail" service.So that's all the info that i can share because today is my busy day!!!and internet in the office also SUCKS!!!Luckily i bring my DIGI 3G TURBO!!!

p/s :

- this entry was typed while i was online using DIGI internet 3G TURBO (do this statement look like fanning...ahahah)...It's true man!!!Face the reality

- Remember that this 3G TURBO is just a prepaid line.So please don't overuse it.RM5 only for 24 hours!!!The concept is like phone prepaid RM10 valid for 5 days.For more info go to digi.com.my



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