-= I aM a Tooth FaiRy =-

If i am a toothfairy i will train myself to be as aware as i can to carry out the mission.Because in order to complete the task we should be very sensitive to our surrounding.We don't know what will happen when we were in the mission to take the tooth from underneath the pillow.I also will learn martial arts(maybe one or two) to make me feel confident to complete the mission and to protect me from all the enemies.

In order to complete my mission to take the tooth i need some gadgets to help me such as a tooth detector to search fr the tooth where ever they are.I also need a weapon such as electrical guns to fight with any enemies that would like to interupt my mission.

That's all the things that i can say if i am a tooth fairy.So this is a picture that show i am a tooh fairy :

(It's only a fairy tale ok...it is not real)

p/s :
actually this post is for free nuffnang tickets...


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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