-= ValeNtinE DaY =-

It's a bit weird when a gangstar blogga(am i gangstar ???i am vatos locos ma!!!) blog about Valentine Day.Try to be roses rather than a hawk!!!No, actually i write this entry just to win myself the ticket to watch the Valentine Day movie!!!

The story begins :

If i can stand a chance to pick a celebrity to date on the Valentine day off course will ask Taylor Swift (sorry Taylor Lautner you guys broke up already right!!!).Wow it is such a beautiful Valentine if i could go out and ask swift to date me(can i???).On that day i will do something different.I want to bring Taylor Swift to a candle light dinner in Kuala Lumpur Tower(wow what a date!!!).

On that special date i will order the most expensive menu of Sweet & Sour SIAKAP!!!(will she eat that!!!).I will ask the musician at the restaurant to play her song with violin especially on "15" song.(Is it possible???Malaysia BOLEH!!!).And the most important thing i want to hear one word from her...

"Bean you're such a romantic blogger.would you like to be my...."
"Swift i cant accept you because actually i am married!(with a sincere soul and eyes)"
"NO!!!would you like to be my fan blogger and write about me!!!"
"YUPS!!!(With a tears flowing on the cheek)"

So that all for now!!!But the only and important thing is it's better for me to go out with my wifey on valentine day!!!ahaha...


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