-= SaMSUnG CoRby CraNiVaL =-

Actually i am tired and just got back from "Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival"...Wah so tired until i think that i just wanna got to sleep.But before i forget to update about this and i will never had chance to win the "Corby" so on this pc and write ok...(So Samsung please appriciate my post ha!!!ahaha).

Lets Start from the beginning of the entire story(off course nobody start from the end).This Carnival was held in Sunway Extream Park situated in Sunway Lagoon.I arrived there at 9 am(so early hah!!!if my boss knows about this sure he will cut my salary!!!).The registration started at 9.30.So after i met aus at the enterence we quickly registered ourselves.

(This is the registration counter...What a sexy Samsung amoi...can i get your number!!!)

Did you want to know what i received in the goodies bag!!!Wow!!! :

( I got a t-shirt,a toy doll cap,TAG,and guess what!!!a CORBY Voucher!!!)

Ok let me tell you about the activities that we have done in this marvelous event(fanning sentence...ahaha).I tought that there will be only one activity but it was totally wrong!!!There were 4 activities that we have to do before we can win the CORBY(huhu...very sad).First activity was Balloon Fighting!!!We have to tied up the balloon to our leg and try to blow up the other team balloon.Luckily we got third place for this activity so we received 10 points.

(this is after we won the 3rd plae...the balloon still there...)

The second activity was "Tarik Tali"but the thing is we have to do this in the water.So can you imagine how hard it is...So i leave it to our team bouncers to finish up the other teams.And sadly we lost and got last place.So 0 points to our team(It's ok guys we still got chance...).

(The Yellow Team is fighting the pink team i think...sorry my monitor got problem so can't determind which color is it)

Have you heard about losers will not be forever losers!!!So we prove ti.WHY???Because in the third activity that is wall climbing we got the first place!!!with the help of our MVP(Most Valueable Player- Micheal) we won the first place.I tried it also but....you know la....For this activity we received 50 points.

(Look like easy but try it yourself lor...very hard!!!)

And the last one is the activity that really interesting!!!PAINT FIGHT!!!This event no matter what we have to win.But the thing is we lost.We got second place.So we won 50 points.We didn't get the first place in the game but we still win a lot of support from the other color teams(except the orange!!!).But support only can't guaranty the CORBY phone.So the winner of this CORBY event was the ORANGE TEAM!!!(everybody in the team bring back a brand new CORBY PHONES!!!Damn jelous you know!!!)

 (Our warrior!!!We won second in the paint fight)

(Congrats ORANGE!!!Good team work!!!)

But WAIT!!!Do you think that we went back with empty handed...SORRY if i am the in the team surely got something OK!!!We won :

(Bean don't be greedy...Remember sharing is caring)

Beside that i met a lot of other blogger and share blogging experience with them.

(Me and fourfeetnine...Timothy please don't jelous OK...nothing happen...don't block my nuff earning...)

and also :

(Nazuwan...cheewah....no la It's NARA...)

Then it's time to end this post...Really tired and can't stand it anymore!!!have to rest for awhile.ADIOS!!!

p/s :
- Before that how many points that we collected for this event???Answer it!!!

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