-= Psycho PoSt =-

Hm...hye reader and blogger.still got no idea to write but still want to update this blog.So after thinking and sitting down without doing anything i come out with one idea.I am not a psychology doctor or maybe illusion master(but my company name is Illussion Master).

Ok let me tell it straight to the point.What do i mean by this post title.Hm actually the important point is about how to make your visitor come again and also how to motivate your self to post entry by looking at your own blog.Simple...Why did i state this is psyco???Ok let me explain :

  (Psyco 1)


Before reader reach the content they will approach the title first.If the title is interesting then readers will click and read the content.If you don't believe it just refer to Aus - Mari Mengenali C.I.P.A.P.This is what we can call psycho the reader.For example in Aus title the reader that like about porno sure will click this title(it's not me ok!!!i just blogwalking...)

A big number of hits that mean the blog is popular.So reader will impress with the huge number of hits that's mean they go to the popular blog.Ok for example if we search about Celebrity...Off course we will go to Beautifulnara (i am not fanning Nara OK!!!skit2je) compared to other blog(the rating is same as murai.com.my ma!!!) because the hits of visitor is high...This is also one way to psycho the reader.

(Psyco 2)


 Why did i state this widget is one way to psycho the readers.When a post got many comment that means the content or entry was very good.So when reader saw this widget got a lot of commentators the readers will assume that the post is HOT!!!

Followers equal to readers or FANS.So before the readers read the contents they will see your follower.They will assume that if we got a lot of followers that mean our content is superb!!!(this is not applicable to blogger that read blog ok!!!only for silent readers).Now got another widget acting same like follower widget that is Facebook Fan page widget(I am not qualified because i am not Top Blogger...)

 (Psyco 3)

Ok.This one actually act as our self psycho method.For me when i look at this stat i will feel happy because i can see the visitor stats from all around the world.And even it is crazy all the time (the stat is not working properly) but i still need it as a self motivation to blog.It is depends on the blogger it self.

p/s :
- This is just from my point of view.So if it is not same as your opinion please don't get mad or "kutuk belakang" ok!!!If you are dare enough please comment!!!

"I am not a famous blogger like Nara or Kakred...I didn't have many followers like Melromeo or cikepal...I didn't have good traffic as good as Kak Ina KL...And lastly i am not a blogger that earn a lot such as Kennysia or maybe GTO...I am just a normal blogger that learn from others and my own mistakes..."


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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