-= InTeRnEt oR PaGelOad =-

Hm...it's a tiring day!!!Ya off course it's monday lol...Have to do this...have to do that damn like a robot.Everybody can't get connected to the internet so i decided to use student internet connection.OFF COURSE CREAMYX la!!!ahaha...Wah it's a good service you know...(just think it yourself OK)...

Off course the first thing that i must do is open my blog to see all the comments.BUT!!!The worst nightmare happened...Very slow to load the page(page load slow...owh NO!!!my visitor will run away!!!).Then because i have to wait for the loading i went to check my blog speed test(page load).

Just click the link to run the test.Ok it was simple.To whom that doesn't know to run test.first of all go to the website then your screen will appear like this :

(Click to enlarge...but can you see NUFFNANG all the time u know..ahaha)

1 - Type your URL inside the box(dont ask why my domain name got shadow ok...silly question)
2 - Press Check (then wait for the result)

After doing these two simple way now it's time for the result!!!...

(Wah my pageload same like Gaban when he wants to change suit!!!wakak)

So after this test we know that it is not my page load that slow it is just the snail crawling internet service fault.So dear visitor please don't (x) the browser because it was not my blog fault.But i know all of you will wait right!!THAT'S Y...


- Hm i hace to wait until tomorrow for the internet technician to come.Internet speed slow the service also very SLOW!!!(my office didn't have internet service almost one week how to do business lol)
- If your pageload was very slow just del the useless widget in your blog!!! 
- Now you know whose fault is it...


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