-= WoW!!Big dAy =-

Hye bloggers and readers..Today actually a big day for me and my team "Vatos Locos".We were invited to "Digi Internet Pimp My Day".I am very happy to go to the event to meet up with my team mates and also other bloggers.This is my first time attending nuffnang big events.

(From left cik Hel,PJ,Bean Moreno and Wiseman..We will rock the party today!!!Yeah!!!)

But wait...It's not the only good things happen to me...Last night when i checked the mail i received a mail from DELL stated that my design was approved.I submit 2 design and they approved this one :

(hehe.it's an amature artwork)

I am very glad that this simple artwork approved.Hope i can win the competition.But before win this competition i need votes.Hopefully all the readers and bloggers can support me by voting for this design...To vote just click here then register to the website and lastly give your votes.Plzzz...
Need your support. 

Can't wait to go to Madi Grass One Utama for the event.Just pray for my team to bring back the prizes.Lastly thanx for Nuffnang, Digi, and also Dell for all the news.

p/s :
- to Vatos Locos :
* Just be positive before we attend this event.Imagine that we win the prizes
* We meet at OU 1.15pm and we go for..SHOPPING!!!!! we need our team suits.

To all Teams :
* Let's rock the party together and share something that we know!!!

To readers & Bloggers dont forget to vote for me OK!!! PLZZZZZ....



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