-= SmElL LikE ShIt!!!=-

Buek!!!i smell shit here...Yes here in the blogging scene.Actually i have been thinking for a long time to write about this damn scenery...Until yesterday i heard a lot of complaints from other blogger about this "OTAI" stuff.Come on la...

One of the complaint from my fellow blogger :

"Bro check this blog out.This otai said blogger that use Blogspot can't call themselves a bloggger!!!"

I check this entry.and i felt very disgusting.What an annoying article...Should i state the name (i think no la...because y..Because he will feel like he is wow!!!a rock star...Damn it!!!They know who they are).Ok to make thing become easier.What is the problem with using blogspot...Blogspot is also blog hosting server ma same as Wordpress or even Joomla!!So why did he stated that Blogger have to use Wordpress.It's the same ma!!!Open up your eyes.Learn more play more bro!!!

 I think this kind of issue is not relevant at all.You want attention or what bro...It is not the first time i heard about you.Many stupid issue that you brought out that i think like cheap publicity in this blogging scene.CUT THE CRAP!!!Writing like a rock star but immature mind.Stop doing this bro.

Before this i heard that you condemned other blogger article.Do you think that your entry was so good like Shakespeare writing...??? or maybe Samad Said poetry???I've read your article and it is just the same like us.Like blogger that you call "Newbie".If you want people to call you "otai"(what the hack!!!) just think like an oldtimers(i use to be when i am SKINHEAD...ahaha). Help the blogger to improve on their writing not condemn their entry.

Ok for example if the newbie doesn't support your blog can you achieve high page rank!!!If the newbie doesn't read your blog can you ...arghhh...CUT THE CRAP man!!!Respect other blogger.Don't simply2 condemn people.huh!!!Not all blogger blog for money.Think about that!!!

To this kind of blogger i got something for you :

"Its crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow,
to everybody on your d-ck, no homo,
i bought my whole family whips, no volvo’s
Next time I’m in Church please no photos,
police escorts, everybody passports,
this the life that everybody ask for
This the fast life we are on a crash course
what you think i rap for to push a f-cking Rav 4,
but i know that if I stay stunting,
all these girls only gon want one thing,
i can spend my whole life good will hunting,
only good gon come is its good when Im cumming,
she got an ass that will swallow up a G-string,
and up top ahh, 2 bee stings,
and im beasting off the Riesling,
and my n-gga just made it out the precinct,
we give a damn bout the drama that your dude bring,
im just tryin change the color on your mood ring,
[lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com]
Reebok baby, you need to try some new things,
have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?
whats that Ye? baby these heels,
is that a May… whaaat?
baby these wheels,
you trippin when you aint sippin, have a refill
you feel like you running huh, now you know how we feel"

- Try to understand the meaning of this Lyric -

p/s :

to other blogger - just ignore what ever this otai say.they are human like us.Just let them live in the otai world!!!Remember we were all the same...

to the "otai"(otai sgt ke???) - Mind your entry.Just help the weak you'll gain something
(Just read this entry)



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